Article: How Superset helped a multinational step up campus recruitment through COVID-19

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How Superset helped a multinational step up campus recruitment through COVID-19

After implementing Superset’s platform, one French multinational firm saw an 85% reduction in time spent on operations, 60% reduction in money spent, and 46% increase in the number of applications they received during campus season.
How Superset helped a multinational step up campus recruitment through COVID-19

How can a large dispersed campus recruitment team cope with thousands of registrations during the peak campus season? It used to be possible with basic piecemeal automation...until COVID-19 hit.

This was the challenge faced by one French multinational IT services company. Suddenly, a process that was the norm, although cumbersome, became almost impossible to manage. The company receives over 250,000 registrations each season, and handling the hiring process with the team dispersed and working remotely was full of confusion and difficulty. Even simple routine meetups between the recruitment team internally were complicated.

The company absolutely had to continue hiring aggressively. With the demand for IT services skyrocketing day on day, slowing down hiring was not an option. But to do so, they needed the ability to manage data better, to connect all the dots and monitor their entire hiring process centrally for instant action and reaction.

Enter Superset

The local Indian campus leadership explored the few options in India and decided to go ahead with Superset, since it is the only platform that has it all. The French headquarters then carried out days and weeks of extensive platform evaluation from an information security point of view and Superset received the approval.

The Superset team was up to the task. Within 15 days of getting approval from the French headquarters, Superset was live for the company.

Superset's platform, which has been available since 2016, aims to streamline the immense amount of work that college placement cells and HR teams otherwise have to struggle through, by automating all tasks in the campus recruitment process and making it easily manageable from a single platform. Its popularity shot up when the pandemic hit, with over a dozen large corporations and hundreds of small ones turning to the Superset platform to handle their campus recruitment process and roll out tens of thousands of offers.

The difference was noticeable and immediate. By implementing Superset's platform, the company was able to:

  • Automate 85 percent of its hiring processes across both internal teams and external stakeholders
  • Carry out end-to-end hiring entirely online—critical during the lockdown periods
  • Handle everything within a single window, from college outreach and branding, to applications and the filtering of candidates, to the assignment of assessments, communications, video interviews, and even letters of intent
  • Tailor highly personalised campaigns to the college, the job, or the course, on whatever scale the company needs

Most importantly, critical data no longer resides in an employee’s email account. It now resides in the Superset platform, allowing for much faster internal collaboration virtually, quicker decision-making and TAT’s.

Speed, cost effectiveness, volume

The results quickly spoke for themselves. Within 2020, after implementing Superset’s platform, the company's 105 recruiters hit their targets:

  • Reached out to 1,150 colleges across 120 cities
  • Organized 85,000 interviews with 2,500 panelists
  • Rolled out a total of 20,000 offers

What’s more, they made these numbers with much less use of resources and time than before.

  • Saved over 85% of the time they would usually have spent on operations
  • Saved 60% of the money they would usually have spent
  • Received 46% more applications than before

Today, the company's campus recruitment teams say that Superset has played a pivotal role in their digital transformation journey. 

“Superset has actively supported in conceptualisation, implementation and modification of modules specific to our requirements,” one lead campus recruiter said. “The team has performed beyond our expectations in improvising the hiring process to make it more efficient, effective and scalable. We are delighted with the partnership established in its inception year and are looking forward to exploring future collaborative solutions with them.”

In the virtual environment forced upon millions of people today, Superset is not only a source of efficiency and convenience, but a full substitute for the whirl of activities that recruiters and candidates alike would otherwise go through. And even when the world goes back to normal and campus recruitment can be held physically once more, Superset's platform will continue to make the process swift and efficient, to match companies and students with the opportunities that are the best fit for everyone.

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