Article: Attention CHRO: This is what your CEO wants


Attention CHRO: This is what your CEO wants

It is time for CHROs to build focused competencies and capabilities in line with what CEOs look for, to co-create business results
Attention CHRO: This is what your CEO wants
In the last 70 years, 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared.  Disruption is the norm. CEOs: Balancing paradoxes As a result of this disruptive, fast-paced environment, the pressure on CEOs is unenviable. They have to nurture the ability to manage constant change, evolving expectations and undertake cautious risks.  This involves balancing paradoxical skill-sets: agility and focus, strategy and execution, innovation and optimization, engagement, and demand performance.  Strategy vs. Execution Agile organizations need agile CEOs – who lead strategy and drive execution – with remarkable turnaround time.  Innovation vs. OptimizationDifferentiation is just a technology catch-up away. As a result, CEOs are expected to drive innovation in record time. However, it will only yield RoI when the organization is quick enough to get it out to the market with cost and time-efficient processes. Engaging vs. Demanding Performance While leaders m...

Topics: #CeoChroPartnership, Strategic HR

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