Article: What are top tech giants saying in their job postings


What are top tech giants saying in their job postings

A look at the most commonly used words in the job descriptions of top tech companies by Textio gives interesting insights about their culture.
What are top tech giants saying in their job postings

You are what your record says you are,” said the former famous American football coach Bill Parsons. This holds equally true for companies and the communication they send out. Every word that a company chooses to communicate with prospective and current employees inevitably shapes not only the brand image but also the culture of the company.

The recurring words that crop up in a company’s communication thus not only give the current employees an idea as to what is the culture the company aspiring for but also lets prospective employees know what are the traits that would make them a good fit in the culture. So whether an organization is looking for nerds or maniacs or driven people becomes pretty much evident from the job descriptions they send out.

An analysis carried out by language analytics platform Textio threw up some interesting insights about the kind of cultures at technology giants like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google among others. The data was pulled up by Textio after analyzing  25,060 jobs published over the last year by Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Salesforce, Slack, Twitter, and Uber. 

So while Facebook’s most commonly used word in job postings turned out to be “our family”, at Twitter, the most commonly used word in job postings was “nerd.” Meanwhile at Amazon, “wickedly” and “fast-paced environment” feature a lot while at Uber it’s no surprise that “whatever it takes” is the most commonly used phrase.

Here’s a look at what the top tech giants are communicating most in their job descriptions.



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