Article: Top 12 trends: Changing employee expectations - Sandeep Banerjee

Compensation & Benefits

Top 12 trends: Changing employee expectations - Sandeep Banerjee

Sandeep Banerjee, MD & CEO, Edenred

Taking into consideration, the increasing presence of new generation employees, a substantial change in the employee expectations can be clearly seen. The primary focus of the new employee is on ‘Am I heard/do I matter?’. This generation sees its manager as a friend and mentor and not just a mere business driver. Questions that are relevant to them are, do I experience love, affection and why am I here? What is the larger purpose we are driving? How do the organizational goals help me achieve my personal dreams, is there an emotional connect? 

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Topics: Compensation & Benefits, Employee Engagement, C-Suite, #TotalRewards

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