Article: End of employee perks at Google: Free massages and fitness centres axed amid layoff fallout

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End of employee perks at Google: Free massages and fitness centres axed amid layoff fallout

Google is implementing reductions in its cafe operating hours and has extended the replacement timeline for devices, including laptops.
End of employee perks at Google: Free massages and fitness centres axed amid layoff fallout

Companies around the globe have been implementing cost-cutting measures to navigate through challenging economic conditions, increased competition, and other business uncertainties. Now, Google Inc, one of the world's top 5 companies in terms of value, is implementing reductions in employee benefits.

Google employees have disclosed that the tech giant has discontinued several benefits that were previously enjoyed by them in the past years.

As per a report from Business Insider, Google is reducing the operating hours of its cafes and extending the replacement timeline for devices, including laptops.

An engineer with approximately 15 years of experience at Google shared with Business Insider that they have noticed a gradual reduction in perks over time, stating that "slowly the perks have been going away. They were being stripped down gradually."

Temporary benefits that have been cut at Google include free massages, and the closure of campus shuttle buses, and fitness centres.

Once known as a trailblazer in providing high-quality corporate catering, Google has recently scaled back its food options.

According to a former Google employee who was laid off, "Food was the greatest perk at Google." The ex-employee mentioned that Google's food budgets were "scaled back" in the latter part of the 2010s. 

Another former Google Cloud sales engineer, who was also laid off, stated that the food options at Google's Cambridge, Boston office were "significantly reduced from their pre-pandemic heights," with minimal variation between weeks.

However, there were differing opinions among employees, with some stating that the quality of food at their offices was still maintained at a high standard.

In addition to cutting back on food-related perks, Google has also implemented cost-saving measures by reducing spending on employee travel, limiting it to "business critical" trips exclusively.

According to accounts from other former Google employees, the company has also reduced spending on merchandise. A former technical program manager recalled receiving "a really cheap jacket and backpack" when she joined Google in 2022.

One notable change that Google has implemented over the years is reducing holiday gifts and parties, as reported by some employees. Instead, some staff members mentioned receiving phones from the company as an alternative gesture.

Google employees have reported that over time, the company has replaced gadgets and cash bonuses with $400 donations to a charity of their choice.

Following Google's announcement of a mass layoff that affected approximately 12,000 employees, accounting for 6% of its workforce, reports have surfaced about the company's cost-cutting measures, including adjustments to other operations in an effort to save money.

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