Article: Re: Frame the opportunities within and lead HR transformation at People Matters Total Rewards and Wellbeing Conference 2022

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Re: Frame the opportunities within and lead HR transformation at People Matters Total Rewards and Wellbeing Conference 2022

Step into People Matters Total Rewards and Wellbeing Conference 2022 this November and become an employer of choice, winning in the talent and the business landscape with an empowered workforce.
Re: Frame the opportunities within and lead HR transformation at People Matters Total Rewards and Wellbeing Conference 2022

A winning talent strategy derives its greatest strength from the way an organisation empowers its people. And empowering your people calls for not only upskilling programs and career growth opportunities but involves critical facets of the employee experience from rewards & recognition to wellbeing policies and practices. For an organisation to not only secure the best talent for the long term and unlock its potential in a continuously evolving landscape, it must also support its people continuously and consistently. An employer who cares is the employer who wins not only in the talent landscape but also in the larger business landscape, as it banks on a workforce driven to be productive and innovate. 

Designing frameworks and implementing policies that cater to this people-centric endeavour can often come with its own set of challenges, especially when working with a diversified workforce. Rewards and wellness frameworks can no longer rest on age-old practices but have to adapt to the latest talent trends, digital innovations, employee aspirations and business demands. And this calls for bringing together the best minds in the rewards and wellness industry that only People Matters can bring to you. And in this edition of People Matters Total Rewards and Wellbeing Conference 2022, what we promise is an exclusive opportunity to meet and network with CXOs, CHROs, C&B, Engagement, Rewards, Employee Experience and Wellness leaders so that you can get expert insights to drive your talent strategies forward.

Our broad theme for the year, Re: Frame the opportunities within is a testament to the sea of changes and challenges witnessed in the HR landscape and the need to mine opportunities with a renewed gaze on employee experience and talent management. Your people are your greatest asset and this conference comes exclusively designed to empower your business to empower its people. With four sub-themes that will reverberate through the multiple speaker sessions, engagement dialogues, exhibits of digital solutions, masterclasses and more, our attendees can leave the conference feeling that they know how to:

  • Re: Frame Value Proposition for Future Readiness: In today’s disruptive landscape of people and work, becoming future-ready has become critical and this value needs to reflect in your employer value propositions (EVPs) as well. Because the end in mind is to ensure that your talent stays on for the long term, value propositions have to break away from traditional practices and evolve with the changing aspirations of the new-age workforce and onboard critical elements like flexibility, well-being and health in our total reward structures.
  • Re: Frame Experience: What makes an employee experience desirable to a high-impact talent? How do we address the varied needs and aspirations of traditional and non-traditional employee segments? How do we ensure equity, transparency and accessibility? These are burning questions that leaders designing reward systems and wellness frameworks need to address at the very initial stage so that the expected outcomes are achieved. From design to execution to constant value creation, the goal is to strengthen your rewards and wellness programs to ensure stickiness in your talent strategies.
  • Re: Frame Rewards and Delivery Infrastructure: With a diversified workforce at the helm of your business strategies, innovations need to happen not just for the delivery of your products and services to customers but also for the delivery of rewards and wellness services to your employees. Digital solutions are the bedrock of this transformation and we not only bring to you real-life stories of how organisations are leading innovation in this space but also expose to you a host of fitting rewards and wellness solutions in the market. 
  • Re: Frame Yourself: While branding, vision and technology are all key ingredients in designing high-impact people policies and frameworks, one cannot overlook the critical role of a talent leader in this process. What we aspire to achieve through this final theme is to cater to your well-being while building your expertise in the domain of rewards and wellness frameworks. After all, change has to begin with the self and at this one-of-a-kind event, you will lead transformation by transforming yourselves in ways that will open up doors for creativity, productivity and growth.

With 400+ CHROs, Rewards & Recognition Leaders, Compensation & Benefits Leaders, Employee Engagement Leaders, Wellness Leaders and Business Leaders, 3 tracks and the best-in-class partners, this is the conference that will lead the way in transforming your rewards and wellness framework and accelerate HR transformation for the future of work. Every winning talent strategy also calls for the best mind to break the mould and explore the opportunities for new-age talent management strategies only possible in today’s disruptive business landscape.

So, come join us at the People Matters Total Rewards and Wellness Conference 2022 this 9th November at Leela Ambience, Gurugram and become a future-ready leader through this exclusive event that ensures you stay on top of the latest trends, best practices, hot topics and innovative Total rewards, wellness, recognition, culture-building solutions. Register now!

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