Article: Recognizing achievement: Vivek Tripathi

Performance Management

Recognizing achievement: Vivek Tripathi

Vivek Tripathi, Chief Human Resource Officer, Lava International Ltd.

At Lava International, we have several non-cash recognition programs for engaging and retaining employees. We believe that recognition of an individual or team in front of peers, and team celebrations, do more to enhance motivation than cash awards.

We have launched an internal initiative to double our revenues in the next 4 months. As part of this initiative, there is a team dinner and celebration for all the branches that achieve their targets. This has been very effective in building team spirit and motivating the branch teams.

Another initiative that we recently introduced was to send our best branch managers (based on their yearly performance), to the one year Emerging Leaders Booster Program (ELBP) at the School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL). This program develops their leadership skills and prepares them for more senior roles. We started this in October 2011, and have received a lot of queries from our various branch managers on how to get nominated for this program.

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