Article: 4C2L formula for work culture in employees


4C2L formula for work culture in employees

The 4 Cs - Credibility, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and 2 Ls - Leadership & Labour, are things that employees should take into account.
4C2L formula for work culture in employees

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" -- This insightful and action-prompting statement has been written on the wall of Laszlo Bock, VP of People Operations of Google. You can find out more literature about culture, in particular, work culture in so many places. Only thing you are going to gain is some solid, cold bulk of information unless you figure out how to perceive and represent all of them in an exemplar way. Everyone carries culture in himself. Basically, due to ineffective and insufficient corporate (employer) culture, it prevents the appearance of the qualities inside personal culture. Personal work culture depicts the ways individual approaches and behave his job and coworkers at workplace regardless of any environment. Here is the new complete formula of an employee work culture – 4C2L (see B). Like the German emphasize more on punctuality and certainty, the Japanese on morality and integrity, the Chinese on flexibility, the American on openness, similarly Asian people should take into account 4C2L factors as well.

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No one will give you the image of reliability till you have immersed yourself into immoral cases. So that, as long as you keep your morality intact, even if you go broke or lose everything you have amassed, never forget this rule that you can gain anything you lost back again but morality and trust. So then, If you;

  • finish your tasks in a way and time you promised,
  • have strong self-confidence, at the same time, spread confidence around you,
  • have a fair self-assessment, set achievable goals not exaggerated for your performance,
  • reflect and counter instantly any case of embezzlement, gossips and negative cases.
  • Congratulations, you are a credible person for both your coworkers and employer


“Apple is the most collaborative company in the world” said Steve Jobs. This explains what lies behind its success story. Like collaborative teams, some individuals are inclined to work always in a team. With working together, people accomplish their goals fast and with desired results in the end. Let's get to the point. Person who:

  • helps his coworkers in the department,
  • engage with others easily without expecting any benefits, 
  • can sacrifice his personal favor for sake of team's future,
  • encourage collaboration to others

By doing all these, you become a collaborative employee. Collaboration will enable you to achieve planned goals quickly and effectively. 


"Communication must be HOT – honest, open and two-way.” – Dan Oswald. We don’t need chatty people, indeed, we need useful and life-enhancing ideas through communication. Look at it from this perspective. If someone:

  • communicate when he is in trouble,
  • open to communication with merely certain people,
  • has a good sense of lecturing, be good at conveying message coherently and fluently,
  • get his tasks done only via communication channels and encourage spreading of it around him.

Being communicative will foster spreading of instant, creative ideas within company and personal development of yourself as well as all who in communication with you. 


Creativity seems must-have feeding for all of us nowadays and we are in need of it rather than used to. Creativity is in technology, business, product-making, problem-solving, government, daily life, in a word, it is within everywhere. The point is that we should embrace it and make it a part of our personality. Eventually, this is going to aid you at workplace. But how? When you;

  • make decision after accumulating sufficient researching information,
  • Come up with creative ideas in a short time,
  • have adopted the habit of life-long learning. 
  • obsessed only with creative ideas for solutions, not take non-creative ideas seriously.


Leadership model has been always debating headline for individuals and communities. Whether is it given or earned? In this case, we are not going to discuss which theory is more acceptable. Those who habituate features stated below can call him a leader. Never mind, just kidding. Actually, people name whether you are a leader or not. Anyway, believe in yourself and;

  • give adequate preventive caution and motivational reward in parallel with actions of people.
  • provide your subordinates and coworkers space and freedom to contact, think, act and develop,
  • rely on trust of people rather than authority and never exploit it.
  • take initiative to determine the direction and then, pull and support your team.


Labor aspect of an employee work culture focuses on how he takes into account of his job. Let`s take a look at that; 

  • never settle without finishing task,
  • quality of job matters much more than it pay, always in search of ways to improve it,
  • always ask new task from management, 
  • adapt himself quickly to new places and faces.

To sum up, adding a point for each criterion you had met, you can rate yourself how credible, collaborative, communicative, creative, leader and labored employee you are. When we make each of the criterions stated above as a integral part of personality so then, it will bring prosperity and success into your professional life automatically. And recruiters, you can use this formula in order to assess job applicants. Isn`t it worth to give it a try? 

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