Article: Ban these words in the corporates!


Ban these words in the corporates!

Many of the words that are used in the corporates have lost their virility because of their frivolous over usage. So, before you use such words, pause and reflect if you truly understand their sense and if you have the credibility to use them?
Ban these words in the corporates!
Like everything else, words lose their shine over time. Some argue that the person in whose hands words rest is the one who actually loses credibility, but that is another argument for another time.  The corporate world, like all other spaces, has its own language, which to the outside world sometimes can appear as Sanskrit or Latin (we are ignorant both in equal measure!) But many of its words have become jaded, worn out or rusted — devoid of vitality, if not meaning. This loss of virility in words can be safely attributed to frivolous over usage more than anything else. On the other hand, this over usage has reached such cacophonic levels that their mere sound elicits ennui, if not irritation. I sometimes wonder if those who overuse such words themselves believe in the true meaning of the words or not.  My tongue firmly entrenched in my cheek, howsoever rhetorical it may sound, and in the spirit of rampant call for bans that plague our lives these days — I pro...
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