Article: Bharti Airtel strengthening brand through technology


Bharti Airtel strengthening brand through technology

Airtels vision is to give its employees a sense of ownership and involvement in a thriving ecosystem where ideas and achievements flourish
Bharti Airtel strengthening brand through technology
With the telecom industry witnessing several upheavals in terms of competition, technology, regulation along with evolving consumer behavior, the need for Airtel to be on its toes at all times and providing the best customer experience has been crucial. But Airtel has been known for championing change internally and externally. And this sentiment is visible in its employer branding and the many initiatives that Airtel has adopted in the recent times for its employees.    With the ultimate goal to strengthen its employer brand while ensuring that employees get a unique experience, Airtel’s ‘Hive’, an internal social media application, connects every employee to what’s going on at the ground — whether town hall meetings, events, product launches, marketing campaigns, recognition events etc. Within Hive, a ‘Wood-o-meter’ section is built around the fundamentals of Say, Stay and Strive, and gauges employee responses on what they feel ab...

Topics: Culture, Diversity, Talent Acquisition, Leadership, Employee Relations, Employer Branding & Communication

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