Article: Color psychology: What 'color' do you represent at work?


Color psychology: What 'color' do you represent at work?

On the occasion of the Holi festival, we take a look at different shades of personalities who symbolize different colors at the workplace.
Color psychology: What 'color' do you represent at work?

Do you like the color palette your office cubicles are decorated with? Have you ever wondered how color affects how you do work and how you can use it to your advantage? Believe it or not, your brain reacts according to the colors that you face in your workplace every day. In fact, choosing the right color can help you become more productive and focused at work.

Similarly, you may have people around in your office who represent different colors. Think of a person who keeps up the balance in the team—who loves to observe and is a good listener. Or someone who is always energetic and full of vigor. 

On the occasion of the Holi festival, we take a look at people who symbolizes different colors at the workplace.

Green - growth, and health

The color of nature symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, health, and not to forget money! From a color psychology perspective, ‘green’ puts heart and emotions in balance, and equals head and heart. Think of a person who keeps up the balance in the team, the eternal peacemaker, who loves to observe, is a good listener and a natural counselor. This person will always have his mindset focused on growth and has a strong sense of right and wrong. Having this person in your team means having someone who has a good judgment, who sees both sides of the case, weighs them up, and then takes the appropriate decision which will be geared in the direction of the company’s growth. This will be a person who will balance the feeling of stability yet inspire the optimism of possibility in his team with equal ease!

Orange – creativity, and resourcefulness 

You might have come across peers, bosses and other employees at your workplace who exude creativity. They are the ones who are optimistic and ready to take on risks. Their passion to solve problems combined with their creativity makes them extremely resourceful to their team members and managers. 

They are the ones who radiate positivity and connect with different people easily. They are social butterflies who bring teams together. Identify the orange personalities in your office and wish them an effervescent Holi!

Blue - depth, and stability

In your office, you may come across personas that always bring in depth to the conversations and help in building sustainable solutions to the problems. These people who relate most with the color of the sky and the sea tend to be calm and symbolize trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and intelligence. 

Like color blue is known to bring peace to the mind and body, these people at work keep the conflict among co-workers in check and strive to bring discussions at one place. These personalities are good to have around as they are the ones who listen to the problems with deep understanding and try to add value to the business. With great confidence and a sense of calm, they approach all situations, tasks, and projects at work. 

Leaders should identify these personalities and utilize their natural capabilities wherever necessary. The qualities of these employees can be further harnessed and be paired with the other qualities to create a well-balanced workforce. 

Red – energy, and aggression

The color red signifies power, energy, and aggressiveness. It also draws attention which is why some organizations paint their workplace red on different occasions. Similarly, people at work signify different colors and red is one of the prominent color characters that we find in offices. 

People with such color streak are aggressive and upbeat about their work, but at the same time, they are also misjudged for the same qualities. Aggressiveness is good because it brings the power in the team and makes the workplace lively. Organizations can spot different color personalities in their offices and encourage them to rub off their colors characters on others to make a great team. 

Yellow – creativity, and optimism 

Yellow has always been known to be a peppy and cheerful color which lift spirits and self-esteem. Yellow symbolizes confidence and optimism. The right splash of yellow can help make employees well-primed for assertive decision making. Yellow is also considered a good color for creative spaces. It can enhance creativity and may be the best choice of decor color for those in creative fields. In the workplace, there are people who are high in spirit and always confident to make bold decisions.  

Pink – charm, and warmth

Pink is the color of charm and warmth. Think of a person in your team who is friendly, kind and takes care of the people around him. Workplaces need such persons who truly takes care of fellow employees and help fulfill the needs of others. Having this person in your team help bring positivity and optimism as they tend to see the right side of every cause. Well organized and refined approach to work are some traits of this person’s working style. Child-like from inside and sweet from outside, this person brings in lots of love and laughter at the workplace.

The right combo of the color palette

Look around, and start seeing the color palettes and color personas in your office. This is the combination of people who make your workplace fun, caring, creative, and charming.  Now you know color can influence your workplace behavior. Pick the color palette that is most productive and look for people who bring up the vibrancy in your team.

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