Article: Our efforts are to develop our people: K. R. Kamath

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Our efforts are to develop our people: K. R. Kamath

We need to recruit very heavily and to ensure that we create a strong leadership pipeline for the future

Even when I visit the field, I always make it a point to address all employees and create an opportunity to engage with them


Having invested immensely on creating the right technology platform, this year the bank’s focus is on building talent to optimize the use of this technology. We plan to recruit around 12,000 people and people is our key area along with the right emphasis on instilling the right induction program that will integrate people with the system. We also seek to create a strong leadership pipeline for the future to ensure internal promotions happen in a streamline and efficient manner and the aim is to close it within the first 3 months of the financial year to minimize operational disturbances. We also seek to create a process to identify people who have the ability to grow and equip them with the right exposure for their next role.

Therefore, achieving higher productivity by improving employee contribution and performance management; recruitment, talent retention in all cadres, succession planning; and providing adequate training to reduce skill gaps in view of large infusion of technology and large scale retirement of people are the major concern areas for HR in 2011-12.

If I had to put a number to the amount of time I spend on people-related activities, it should be somewhere around 30% at least. Even when I visit field, I always make it a point to address all employees and create an opportunity to engage with them. I also get personally involved in career development and promotions of all AGM level and above, and I am always available to all my employees for any suggestion/ grievance redressal. Every day I get at least 10 messages from employees and I personally look at each of them and take them to closure.

The team - 2020 is the main talent management initiative for the bank and comprises the senior executives (Scale IV and above) who will be retiring on or after 1st January 2020. The program aims at identifying and grooming potential future leaders and we have identified over 400 young officers as part of this program. Going forward, we propose to utilize these officers in key positions in the areas of credit, risk management, treasury, international banking, HR, marketing and IT.

Being a people-oriented organization, our efforts are to develop our people, nurture talent, and foster organizational culture, for excellence in what they do as well as meet employees’ expectations and aspirations. We actively focus on building our HR competencies and practices so that there is a close alignment of our HR strategy with the business strategy. In particular, our people goals center around improving the quality of work life (QWL) dimensions viz., employee welfare, communication, empowerment, career growth, work environment and ownership.

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