Article: Cultural changes to help accelerate digital transformation in workplaces


Cultural changes to help accelerate digital transformation in workplaces

What are the changes an organization needs to adopt to make sure digitization is seeping correctly in their workplaces?
Cultural changes to help accelerate digital transformation in workplaces

Digitization is giving organizations the edge they need over their competitors and slowly but steadily becoming the norm in every aspect of business and economy. The hardest part of a successful digital transformation is the cultural aspect of the organization. What separates a prominent organizational culture being transformed digitally from those who are finding it difficult to do so? Strategy. Having a plan in place that is clear and specific helps to drive change and bring in smooth transformation.

With market trends and policies changing more frequently than before, it is becoming increasingly challenging to create a long-term strategy and prove the ROI. Today it is imperative to have a continuously evolving strategy that suits the ongoing trend in the market because change is the only constant. Although a cultural change or shift, as we can say, is the hardest part to boost digital transformation, it is also the most prominent one for a successful transformation.

So, here are steps  you take to bring in the transformation without disrupting the atmosphere at your workplace:

Align your strategy and culture 

The change you are about to introduce within your organization needs to sync with the company's policies and beliefs. Align your new strategy with the previous one so that it doesn't come as a shock to the employees. Anything that needs to be introduced shouldn't be forced but rather should be brought in one step at a time, which gives you the scope to check its impact on the people.

Monitor developments within the workforce

Once the strategy is in play, you must pay close attention to the changes in the behavior of your employees and the culture at your workplace. Track responses and reactions of your workforce so you can monitor changes and determine if they deter from the ones you anticipated. You could always tweak it a little from time to time to make your strategy a success.

Use your current culture to enhance your transformation

The chances of your digital transformation strategy working can go either way. It could work just as you expected or backfire. To ensure that it doesn't backfire, put the current strengths of your ongoing culture possesses to use. Recognizing and adapting your plans based on your existing cultural strengths is crucial. This will ensure a collaborative cultural evolution rather than a  top-down hierarchal imposition. 

Track, analyze and grow 

A strategy is only successful when it is being tracked and recorded to be analyzed and later concluded for results. A record of daily progress will help identify the loopholes to fix them with the correct solution. Meticulous measurements allow leaders to recognize backtracking and improvise when needed. Constant optimization helps maintain a positive drive in the long run.

Incorporate varied techniques

As you introduce new cultural changes as part of your strategy to bring in transformation, make sure it is by way of both formal and informal methods. As structured foundations, provide incentives, introduce new systems, promote collaborations and innovations to boost creativity and productivity. You could also host webinars and leadership events amongst other activities. Informally, take care of their emotional mindsets as this affects productivity and encourage networking among peers. While formal rules are applied quickly, informal ones are usually not given equal importance when, in reality, they have a deeper effect on the culture of organizations.

The most important thing for any organization to consider is to make sure to address the human element before digital. Nevertheless, Digital transformation becomes an essential part of your culture strategy when you want to keep your organization off the ground and stable in rough times. 

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