Article: Cultural requirements in M&As


Cultural requirements in M&As

Cultural and people issues, while important, need not be priority in every M&A. The interdependence of the organizations post deal closure should decide how much time and effort is put into navigating cultural and people issues
Cultural requirements in M&As
It was a “wedding made in heaven” according to the CEO. Business and financial synergies were aplenty. The combined entity would have revenue diversification, geographic de-risking, and an increased product range; creating the fifth largest seller in the industry. Shareholder value was evident — it would be the third largest entity in terms of revenue and market capitalization. On a merged turnover of over USD 150 billion, the cost savings were estimated to be USD 1.2 billion (~20% of the estimated profit). There were supply chain benefits and R&D knowledge to be shared. While it was cross border, governments fully supported the transaction. And yet the Daimler-Chrysler merger failed! It was not valuation or lack of efficiencies or poor diligence or any tangible factor; but a simpler, yet more nuanced reason — cultural and people difficulties. Multiple studies, conducted by a diverse set of institutions, indicate that in the 21st century cultural and peopl...
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