Article: Follow these best practices to make remote work a fulfilling experience


Follow these best practices to make remote work a fulfilling experience

The remote or hybrid work culture helps organisations get happier, productive, engaged, and excited employees who are more excited to work with the company.
Follow these best practices to make remote work a fulfilling experience

A new hybrid or work-from-home model has become normal. Thanks to technological advancement, employers have embraced flexible schedules and remote working with more confidence. After some initial hiccups, the new norm has been imbibed by both employees and employers diligently.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) data suggests that there has been a five-fold increase in work from home from 2019 to 2023, with 40% of US employees now working remotely at least one day a week.

Flexibility and autonomy, and better work-life balance are some of the perks of working from home or remote work. Research reports also indicate that the majority of employees are in favor of switching jobs for the sake of more flexibility.

Flexible work culture helps organisations benefit from happier employees who are more productive, engaged, and excited to work with the company.

The pandemic-generated work culture is here to stay and employees need to keep the following points in mind to improve productivity while working from home:

  • Communication: Staying confined within your place might not be good for career development. You may be overlooked for your contributions at your workplace while working remotely. Having regular communications with your manager and teammates can do wonders and help you be visible while working remotely. Regular virtual meetings, check-ins are useful in having clear communication within the team. Outside of those, reach out frequently to your individual team members to discuss matters relevant to work, or simply to say hello and interact.
  • Investment in technology: Imagining life without technology can be a daunting task in this era of artificial intelligence (AI). Hence, investing in technology and tools helps you ensure timely and hassle-free delivery of your work. Upskill yourself and learn more efficient ways of using your tools, to make your working day a breeze.
  • Clear expectations and reasonable goals: Excelling in professional life is everyone’s dream. Employees should be communicated with their goals, deliverables, and deadlines to finish their tasks on time. If you haven’t been given these, reach out to your manager for clarity.
  • Social support and feedback: Recognition of their contribution makes everyone feel content. It must be ensured that people are getting support, appreciation, and feedback for their work. You can do your part as an individual by appreciating your team mates’ contributions every now and then and supporting them when they need a hand.
  • Count on work not time: Employees should be encouraged for efficient delivery of their work, not the amount of time invested on it. There is a misconception that those who spend more time at work are considered dedicated. Flexible approach helps keep employees more attentive to their deliverables.
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