Article: Get ready for the race: Anuranjita Kumar


Get ready for the race: Anuranjita Kumar

Believing in yourself not only encourages you to continue on your journey but finally leads you to your destination
Get ready for the race: Anuranjita Kumar

You need to believe that your intuition and passion will lead you to the right way


To know what you want and being passionate about the work you do, differentiates between the good and the great. Caught amidst different roles, women are sometimes unsure and feel guilty of what they want professionally. Once you have clarity of purpose, comes planning. Be it a new role or a transfer, to be effective; one needs to be disciplined and be prepared in advance like everything in life. Finally, as they say ‘Rome was not built in a day’, perseverance is the virtue that let’s you accomplish all that you plan for. It has worked for me because when you take risks, odds cannot be avoided and it is that constant inner dialogue that says ‘believe in yourself’ which not only encourages you to continue on your journey but finally leads you to your destination.

I find that many women struggle to seek advice as they constantly hesitate to put a foot in the door for a dialogue on their next career move. They expect others to recognize their work and feel uncomfortable about proactively talking about their achievements or networking. In this competitive age, it is increasingly important to be able to articulate your accomplishments to an evolving opportunity as you grow within your organisation. In a tough environment, where rules are often rewritten, you need to be prepared with your support structure to take on the challenge and explore the depths of the corporate world.

Growing up the ladder poses tough challenges. Similar to moving from the shallows of a sea to the depths of an ocean, the new environment at times may feel intimidating. But, I believe that the problem resides also in our mind. How you are able to hold your own defines the length and success of your journey. What keeps you going is your inner strength and conviction – the extent to which you believe in your own competence and the confidence to feel deserving of every achievement.

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