Article: How PR agencies are dealing with the COVID-19 situation


How PR agencies are dealing with the COVID-19 situation

Covid-19 has undoubtedly affected all humans. The market is bound to get affected. The national and international economy has entered into a state of recession ever since the lockdown began. All business groups are making their own efforts to survive, and PR agencies are no different.
How PR agencies are dealing with the COVID-19 situation

We all are well aware of the fact that media industries and PR agencies go hand in hand. If one is facing major setbacks then the other one is bound too. In such a time of economic recession, clients have put their PR activities on hold. Due to this, there has been a massive financial crisis for all the PR agencies throughout the country. This has also led to a significant percentage cut in the salary portion of all the employees.

With shaken beliefs and vulnerable culture, it is difficult for both the company and employees to work hand-in-hand for organisational growth. Here comes the role of Human Resources, who are working hard to bind their employees through this tough time to work towards a brighter future together. Let's look at some ways how the HR is keeping the team together:

Fostering the trust culture:

The HRs are paving the path to get together with their employees. They are initiating to build the culture of brotherhood and trust in their organisation. Human resources have realised that trust is the only key to survive the present situation.

Building a high trust culture starts with cultivating positive beliefs about employees. Motivating their employees by rewarding them through public recognition and innovative/useful gifts are few ways HRs are trying to build this culture.

Making a strong foundation with company values:

Complex situations give rise to crises and an array of complicated problems. HR can help come out of this situation with their employees' firm belief in the company's values and cultural systems.

Every successful company has set rules and regulations which it abides by in all difficult situations. This profoundly transforms the working and culture mechanism of the company.

Adapting customer and employees experience:

To keep up, the enthusiasm of the existing employees and clients for the interest of an organisation is one of the annuities HRs have to look after time and again.

Having a written set of rules and passing it on to the employees, clients and channel partners is a way to start with clear communication.

Transparency between the company and the employees/clients is the best way out as there is no window left to have imaginable boundaries. This clears the path of communication as there is no confusion left with given set boundaries. It also helps to establish a good connection between the company and their employees or the company and client.

Looking at the long-term:

Everyone is learning to adapt to the new normal with each passing day. Markets are opening and they are all ready to kick back higher than before. PR agencies are visualising their potential clients. This has given ample time to HR's and management to prepare their employees for the upcoming work.


HRs are trying to build a Value-mission-oriented culture within their organisations. They are trying to ease these complex situations by giving their employees a well-defined and rooted framework. They are striving to achieve the right balance between what is coming in the future and what has gone in the past.

With these amendments, they are rebuilding the structure and mechanics of employees working in the organisations. Human Resources and management are looking at 2021 as the year of opportunity and growth for several reasons. For PR agencies, it's all about the future now and not the past.

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