Article: How to avoid a culture of toxic office politics


How to avoid a culture of toxic office politics

A work environment rife with toxic politics is detrimental to not only employee morale, but also to innovation and growth. Heres how to get rid of it from your workplace and create a better culture.
How to avoid a culture of toxic office politics

Office politics can start from a small issue. But it can sometimes snowball to major workplace issues adversely impacting employee morale and productivity.  Toxic office politics can be a huge issue for companies, irrespective of their size, as it creates a major setback to the employee culture.  It can drive talented people out of the company, kill innovation, lower employee engagement, and create employee resentment which can destroy the business. With so much at stake, it is important to weed out office politics. 

Here’s how to develop a positive work culture: 

  • Foster a transparent culture

    A workplace that doesn’t communicate important information to its employees or has a secretive approach to handling out internal broadcasts creates a breeding ground for office politics. It is essential to increase the level of transparency in the organization, both internally and externally, to eliminate any misconceptions or resentment among their workforce. Provide regular updates to your workforce just as you would do with your shareholders. When employees feel included and are aware of the current situation, it leaves little room for false rumors. 
  • Review your processes

    Processes that are poorly structured or place too much burden on a single to group or individual in a way that there is an unequal and unfair distribution of work can lead to conflict among co-workers. This kind of discord arises due to power struggles and poor processes. It can be discouraged by streamlining and improving your inefficient processes. Creating accountability and fair treatment of all will lead to a healthy work environment that boosts overall job performance

  • Support your employees to perform well

    By incorporating your expectations regarding an employee’s work ethics and interpersonal relations with the team in the performance review can act as a deterrent to toxic office politics. Explain to your employees as to how teamwork, collaboration will play a key role in their appraisal. If you find that any of your subordinates is negatively affecting the team, discuss the issue with him or her personally.

  • Get rid of bad apples

    Some employees will always find a problem with the management. Such irreconcilable employees shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s important to have people with a positive mindset work for you as those with a bad attitude can negatively affect the work culture. Reigning employees who overstep their bounds will also signal the existing workforce to not indulge in activities that affect the work environment. 

Creating a professional and productive workspace where each employee is appreciated and valued is a tough task. And though office politics can sometimes be unavoidable at work, it is important to look out for the danger signs and combat it before it spirals out of control and affects everyone around. With these workable solutions deal with office politics and maintain a pleasant work ambiance

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