Article: How to inspire people?

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How to inspire people?

Do you want to inspire or motivate your employees when implementing strategy the difference can be the difference between success and failure!
How to inspire people?
Organizations achieving excellence in execution distinguish themselves by their people being inspired and engaged to take the right actions. Inspiration is the goal, not motivation. Why? In the field of strategy implementation, motivation is mostly extrinsic and short-lived, whereas inspiration is intrinsic and long-term. Organizations today are either disrupting or being disrupted, and as a result, implementing strategy has become even more important as they need to transform. The challenge is that more implementations fail than succeed at a time we are transforming more frequently than ever before. A key challenge for leaders is that during these times of rapid changes, people are suffering from “change fatigue” and leaders need to inspire their people, not just motivate them. Deepak Chopra puts it elegantly, “Instead of motivation, look for inspiration. Inspiration comes from the same word as spirit. When you are inspired, the spirit moves you.” Leaders nee...
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