Article: One Simple Thing': Yuvaraj Srivastava


One Simple Thing': Yuvaraj Srivastava

Yuvaraj Srivastava, Vice President - HR, PepsiCo India Holdings

Non-cash components at Pepsico are extensively considered for engagement initiatives. We have career opportunities for people across the function and businesses. Internal job postings are leveraged extensively to ensure visibility of available opportunities to all employees. This helps in career moves across different branches and divisions as per the skills and competencies. An employee who is working with Pepsico knows the length and breadth of opportunities that the organization can offer in terms of career movements. We also have various initiatives around work-life balance and personal and professional development. Being a sales organization, initiatives like ‘One Simple Thing’ and like, encourage our employees to pursue their hobbies, personal goals, or take a day off to work from home, etc.

Our employees are integral to our growth and that is one reason why we have initiated various processes to retain and engage employees and also proactively connect with those employees who are on the field or ground level with help of initiative called ‘Sampark’. The entire organization follows the philosophy of ICare, this approach takes care of all initiatives like recognition, appreciation, caring for employees, etc.

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