Article: Pliable work culture is versatile, resilient & responsive to change: Viknesh Jain


Pliable work culture is versatile, resilient & responsive to change: Viknesh Jain

“We reckon that a pliable work culture is versatile, resilient and responsive to change,” said Viknesh Jain, CEO & MD, Euronics, in an interview with People Matters. He shares how pliable culture can be built with communication and tech at the center.
Pliable work culture is versatile, resilient & responsive to change: Viknesh Jain

As hybrid work becomes the new norm, there is a great opportunity for business and people leaders to invigorate and improve organizational culture. The journey to create a more productive, engaging, collaborative and inspiring culture of work in the hybrid mode can’t be taken without technology. 

To discuss how organizations are changing their people and work strategy for the new world of work, we interacted with Viknesh Jain, CEO & MD, Euronics and got his business perspective. 

In the interview, Viknesh shared how consistent communication enabled by technology has been instrumental in keeping the distributed workforce connected with each other and the business. 

Here is the full interview: 

With a distributed workforce and hybrid mode of work how can leaders create an adaptable culture and solidify shared beliefs?

It is hard sometimes to align every team across geographically far offices, but it is possible to build meaningful bonds by remaining constantly active within team groups and connecting virtually. This has helped us to streamline our core values and ensured that we all work together as a team.

After the pandemic, the world of work saw a huge shift in priorities and witnessed companies focus on wellness and inclusion? Will the focus sustain and further scale up?

Yes, mental health and wellness would now take a centre stage while dealing with the employees. This is the time for us to acknowledge that the pandemic has left a mark on the mental well-being of humans.  

How can employers retain a focus on flexibility, wellness, and inclusion?

We reckon that a pliable work culture is versatile, resilient and responsive to change. Having an open-minded environment which encourages everyone to speak their mind can ensure not only an engaged workforce but also enhance productivity and innovation. Creating an inclusive place of work, where diverse ideas are shared and discussed has so far been very impactful for us as it forecasts important insights and broadens the horizons of the employees which help in the overall growth of the company. 

Moreover, we believe in keeping up with industry trends and make sure to enrich our working with as many skills as possible. Our focus has always revolved around quality over quantity.

How are you building a culture of engagement, ownership, and accountability among the workforce?

From hosting self-help seminars for different departments to planning annual trips for the team, we encourage everyone to bring something unique to the table. Each of our efforts is put forth to build a meaningful community which can be a thriving place for talent, hardwork and commitment.

Communication is considered as a bonding force between our teams as this may ultimately lead to a positive space for everyone. Every employee is motivated to take charge and claim their efforts as individuals and as team players. 

How are you using technology to create more productive workplaces, aligned teams, deeper connections, and drive better business outcomes?

As a brand, technology has played a vital role in aiding us to scale given the pandemic. We had to survive in a virtual world where most communications took place via video conferencing. As a team, we have managed to scale our business during the pandemic by keeping a positive outlook and having a focused approach. 

We have fostered our inhouse IT team which has introduced functionality through softwares like CRM, etc which have aligned our teams across departments. We have also adopted copious operating systems to boost productivity during the pandemic.  

Given the current situation, we have asked more than 75 percent of employees to work from home. Their work is constantly tracked with online applications. We are holding motivational sessions every week along with fitness sessions every morning to keep their spirits high. Provisions are made for employees who have Covid positive patients at home or are tested positive themselves. 

We have a pan India presence in major metro cities, given the present situation where most of the team is assisting clients virtually, the tracking for individual performances are being done virtually. The focus for us has been to ensure that all employees reach their goals hand in hand with the company’s goals.

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