Article: Thanksgiving at work: How to show employees you appreciate them


Thanksgiving at work: How to show employees you appreciate them

Gratitude at work is a powerful way to show your employees that you care. Here are a few tips by leaders on how to appreciate your employees this Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving at work: How to show employees you appreciate them

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we know it’s that time of the year when we all take time to appreciate our life and loved ones. Being appreciative not only work wonders at home but also at the workplace. Gratitude is fundamental to showing your employees that you not only value their hard work and recognise their accomplishments but also care about them as a person. 

Now more than ever employers must make their workers know that they care about employees' growth, progress, well-being, morale, productivity, and much more. If you're wondering how, allow us to help you. People Matters exclusively spoke to Mr Rajat Agrawal, CEO of Barista, MP Deepu, Co-Founder and COO at Senior World and Kiran Dham, CEO of Globus Infocom, to find out the best ways to treat your employees this Thanksgiving.  

A thank you note

A few words of appreciation are all you need to make someone's day. “A virtual message, an email or a direct message to let your co-workers know that you appreciate them will do wonders for that person. And if you haven't got one, be kind and write a thank you note to yourself too for working hard,” MP Deepu told People Matters. 

Acknowledge accomplishments right away! 

Rewards and recognitions which are time bound are encouraging for keeping employees motivated. “Organisations should always try to recognise the efforts timely. Since Thanksgiving is here, waste no time in acknowledging and rewarding the ones who have been going the extra mile to do their job,” said Mr Rajat Agrawal.

Appreciate employees on social media

“Thanksgiving can be just a perfect excuse to drop in a note of appreciation to let the team members know what’s awesome about them. Do it on the LinkedIn page so that the rest of the team can also feel inspired. Don't forget to be generous with kind words,” suggested the Co-Founder and COO of Senior World. 

Own up to the team deeds and coach 

As a leader, an important aspect to drive an organisation is to deliver and work towards developing future leaders, who can shoulder larger organisation responsibility. “While appreciating employees on the special occasion, try some group activities that can assist staff in becoming motivated and committed towards their responsibilities,” suggested the CEO of Barista. 

Let them share

While leaders get ample time to share their stories and ideas, the employees often get neglected. On this special occasion, take a step forward to keep communication transparent at all levels. Let the employees share their opinions, views, and ideas. After all, the whole ecosystem created by transparent, clear, and motivating thoughts can help companies grow and prosper,” said Kiran Dham. 

Food binds people- potluck at the workplace

Food brings people together anywhere and everywhere. “A Thanksgiving potluck can be a great opportunity to get connected with each team member. Bringing a homemade dish and a story to share for the bonus points will create lifelong memories,” said MP Deepu.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. Happy Thanksgiving to People Matters family. 

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