Article: Diversity - a force multiplier


Diversity - a force multiplier

Women themselves need to write their own success stories, paving their way towards unconquered summits and raising the bar themselves
Diversity - a force multiplier
“Diversity in leadership and openness to new perspectives is crucial for charting the course in business.” - Dina Dublon, Member Board, Microsoft There has been a paradigm shift, a realization that diversity and inclusion are key assets for organizations the world over. Gender inclusion brings in diversity of thought, perception, attitude and approach, leading to better strategy, decisions and overall performance. In this exceedingly fast changing business environment laden with disruptive challenges, organizations and even governments have brought to the fore, the need for gender diversity at the workplace. The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) in its Report ‘Power of Parity 2015’ has stated that “narrowing the global gender gap in work would not only be equitable but could double the contribution of women to global GDP growth.” It further states that “A full potential scenario in which women participate in the economy identical to men would a...
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