Article: Exciting sessions await you at IndeedWorks 2022

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Exciting sessions await you at IndeedWorks 2022

At IndeedWorks 2022, experts and leaders come together in a number of exciting sessions on diversity and inclusion as they take critical steps to sustaining a people-centric workplace.
Exciting sessions await you at IndeedWorks 2022

The onus of creating the right work culture rests on leaders who are ready to invest their time and effort in navigating the dynamic yet urgent arena of Diversity & Inclusion. As the world of work continues to change rapidly, building a resilient workforce demands creating a culture of inclusion, equity and, above all, trust.

This is easier said than done, but what can help in the achievement of this agenda is to bring together experts and leaders who can share their experiences and learnings with each other. 

In this journey of translating the D&I strategy into impactful actions, IndeedWorks 2022 creates this space for these conversations to ensue and to empower leaders in enabling an employee-centric culture at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

IndeedWorks 2022 is all set to break barriers and push leaders and practitioners to re-examine and innovate their D&I practices. Which sessions help to engineer this collaborative learning to level up your organisations’ D&I strategy?

Here are the exclusive conversations you can’t miss: 

Keynote: Creating a Culture of Inclusion: Misty Gaither, Senior Director & Global Head of DI&B, Indeed is set to steer this day forward by sharing her experiences of creating a culture of inclusion, the larger vision and impact of the value of diversity and inclusivity on the workforce at large and in this dynamic world, the questions that need to be raised and what can be done better. 

Removing Biases and Barriers in Your Hiring Process: The impact of D&I strategy starts at the very first stage of the employee lifecycle, which is the recruitment process. To bring in a diverse workforce and foster that culture of inclusion, leaders must actively work towards recognising and removing hiring barriers. This is where Rohan Sylvester, Recruitment Evangelist, Indeed, comes in with his exclusive expertise of the world of recruitment and how D&I can factor in.

Panel Discussion: Making Work Work Better: From hiring, the next stage that leaders encounter is the work culture; the agenda is to bring back the focus on creating a people-centric culture at the workplace. To drive this discussion forward by sharing insightful strategies, Nidhi Bhasin, CEO at Nasscom Foundation; Anuradha Khosla, Sr. VP HR (Global Head Diversity & Inclusion) at HCL Technologies and Dr Saundarya Rajesh, President & Founder at Avtar Group, join in this session moderated by Sanjukta Ghosh, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Indeed.

Fireside Chat with Parmesh Shahani, Author & LGBTQ+ advocate: D&I workplace strategy celebrates everyone. In this conversation between Parmesh Shahani and Indeed’s Rohan Slyvester, the highlight is on LGBTQIA+ inclusion. To build a company that is not only inclusive but also sensitive to the needs of different communities, it is imperative to examine the needs of diverse communities as a starting point in re-inventing D&I policies. 

IndeedWorks 2022 is the place to be if you want to break down barriers and develop action-oriented, impactful D&I strategies. Register now and join us at this exciting session on 7 April to keep learning and growing!

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