Article: Flexibility & Inclusiveness: V. Krishnan


Flexibility & Inclusiveness: V. Krishnan

V. Krishnan - EVP, HR, Dabur

Considering the changing trends, it is necessary that leaders become intellectually open and culturally sensitive. Talent Management will have to look at nurturing these leaders to cater to the demands of the global operation. Future leaders must be cognitively sharp as well as cater to the socio cultural demands of business. Flexibility and inclusiveness to the Asian way of doing business will also be required by leaders of MNCs who aspire to take advantage of the Indian growth market.

The average age of the Indian workforce is falling and this Gen Y category of employees is young and tech savvy, with a great dependence on social media in their day-to-day life. New talent challenges will include creating a business environment that is engaging. Workplace being a physical space is no longer a mandate and the existing paradigms of workplace will be challenged. Keeping in mind the aspirations of Gen Y, the workforce will have to be managed in a digital style environment.

Sustainability and sensitivity towards the environment is no longer a fad. The CEO will now be responsible to the customer, environment and shareholders and therefore, the new workforce will need to be environment - friendly.

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Topics: Diversity, Culture

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