Article: How important will social interaction be for the future of work?


How important will social interaction be for the future of work?

The global pandemic itself was instrumental in making us realise that human interactions cannot be underestimated.
How important will social interaction be for the future of work?

The future is unwritten, and by that understanding the future of work is a proposition. It is also right around the corner and hence more and more individuals, artists, creators and disruptors around the world are working towards shaping it, improving it, and making it more equitable. 

We are in a period of significant changes especially due to technology which is impacting almost all areas of human lives. But despite the speed at which digitalisation and technological advancement is changing the way we work, communicate and interact, there is still a primaeval and innate need for social interaction. It is also the foundation of some of the best collaborative work as well the most fundamental aspect for our well being. 

The global pandemic itself was instrumental in making us realise that human interactions cannot be underestimated. While we continue to be thankful to technology for enabling us to continue working, educating and being connected, more and more people are overcoming their anxiety, taking precautionary measures and braving it to step out into the real world, because they just can't take it anymore. 

Secret to happy smart workspace

Today's highly networked world continues to remodel the modern workplace. As worldwide companies are trimming their budgets whilst robust tech solutions allow them to be better connected, the need for fun, engaging and purposeful workplaces has been on the rise. 

The modern workplace needs to embrace the changes we see, as today's workforce believes in working smarter not harder. Workspaces where people ‘want to work’ as opposed to ‘have to work’ often mirror their workers – adaptive, intuitive and flexible. Just as our spaces inform our work, the way we work also influences the way our workspace gets designed. 

The workplace needs to be designed around a sense of collaboration and happiness. The office layout should allow for people to come together to create, interact and engage. Allowing choice and control within the workspace and offering an environment that is healthy, enriching and natural allows a sense of comfort and happiness. 

Designing smarter shared workspaces 

While the legendary marathon zoom calls and conducive WFH arrangements have allowed for connectivity and continuity, workspaces can be instrumental in fostering engagement, productivity and agility. Traditional workspace settings have proven to be perpetrators of isolation leading to boredom and hindrance in cultural exchanges. 

Today's organisation has the power to opt for geographical flexibility by choosing shared workspaces that allow for hybrid work models for the employees and in turn gives access to global talent and customer base. 

A well designed shared space allows you the freedom and flexibility to find ways to connect with your team while focussing on tasks at hand. 

From the cafe to the meeting rooms, spaces can be designed to foster privacy like the phone booths or office spaces and in some cases a free flowing layout with break out spaces to open desks allow for smoother interactions and creative output. 

Large communal tables at the cafe or meeting rooms designed amongst flexible desks and offices allow for modern workspaces to cater to different personalities as well as help attract and retain the best and most engaged human capital. 

Curating experiences 

It's not enough to just build a space or design an opportunity, it's equally important to curate an experience that encourages them to come together to build a community. While it's easy to imagine yourself within the comforts of your home to enjoy a virtual global meet of inspiring individuals or a culinary experience that presumably is designed to engage your senses, there is only so much that technology can enable. 

Build in safety, affordability and a unique proposition and you make it that much harder for people not to step out and participate in these curated social interactions. While today's world of digital content sure takes you to the remotest of the corners and allows you access to entertaining trends, some would argue it only pushes you further to experience them, with people. 

Coming together for a reason 

A business or a community or an event, it is, people who come together to do something together, to create value for themselves, for a company and for each other.

More and more organisations are associating their business and their brand with a purpose or a cause that has a global impact. Being a part of a larger movement allows you to be a part of a community that is driven towards outcomes, a community that sits just within the confines of your workspace but spreads across borders. 

If your employees can buy in towards the purpose they will be willing to push their boundaries and naturally gravitate towards each other. 

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