Article: Inside a tech giant’s family-friendly work culture


Inside a tech giant’s family-friendly work culture

What’s the secret to keeping happy and engaged workers? Offering them family inclusive benefits.
Inside a tech giant’s family-friendly work culture

For workers with the responsibility of looking after their loved ones, the support of a family-friendly employer can mean the difference between struggling with their professional and personal obligations – and finding that healthy balance.

With remote and hybrid work now becoming the default arrangement for many, people have realised the value of keeping a well-nurtured and authentic life, both at home and at work.

Backed by programs and policies that put their families first, workers today have greater opportunities to thrive in their careers because they and their families are given the resources to live healthier, happier lives.

One example of a company that’s successfully driving its family-friendly initiatives is enterprise cloud tech specialist Workday.

“Our philosophy is that the well-being of our employees’ families is central to the well-being of the individual employee, so many of our benefits reflect this approach to holistic family-wide wellness,” Workday said.

The company, which was just recently recognised as one of only 70 Family Inclusive Workplaces in Australia, provides staff members – who have care duties at home, whether child care or elderly care – an additional US$2,000 a year to help with the costs of looking after their families.

Workers with daytime caregiver duties are also covered by a special kind of leave policy that allows them to take a break for up to 12 weeks while receiving half of their regular pay. This runs parallel to the policy on flexible schedules which enables workers to build their work hours around their caregiver responsibilities.

Flexible work at Workday can follow any of these arrangements:

1) Compressed work weeks

2) AM/PM split shift

3) Working non-standard hours or alternate days

4) Working on a part-time basis

Whereas most other companies are still debating whether (and how) to introduce different kinds of leave, Workday has long been offering an array of paid compassionate leave for employees who may be going through a difficult time. The company provides up to 10 days of paid leave for each of these life events:

1) Death of a loved one or pet

2) Miscarriage

3) IVF

4) Menopause

5) Domestic abuse

6) Home emergency

7) Donation, e.g. organ donation

8) Caregiving

“Workday policies and benefits are carefully designed to ensure we are an employer of choice,” said Jo-Anne Ruhl, vice president and managing director, Workday Australia and New Zealand.

“We are also committed to embedding a pervasive culture of belonging and diversity across our business.”

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