Article: L'Oréal India launches ‘Take Two With L’Oréal’

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L'Oréal India launches ‘Take Two With L’Oréal’

When it comes to businesses investing their efforts in building a gender-inclusive workplace, L’Oréal India shows the way in its latest diversity driven program on expanding employment opportunities to women across the country with career breaks.
L'Oréal India launches ‘Take Two With L’Oréal’

Building an inclusive workplace has always been one of the top priorities for businesses across the world. To sustain and grow the right work culture demands that companies take action on empowering the diverse communities within the workplace. They must not only recognise their potential but also support them in their growth journeys. When it comes to women, the odds are stacked against them in the workplace in terms of the double burden of responsibilities where they have to balance their professional and personal roles. Equitable access to leadership positions is also a cause of concern for women. Employment opportunities demand equity of access especially for women returning to the field. It’s not everyday that companies recognise the fiery potential they have and the support they need to thrive in the way they want to.

L’Oréal India has been on the mission to change more than just how women look and feel. Both within L’Oréal and in the wider world, they want women’s ambition to be matched by the opportunities available to them. What L’Oréal India does is tackle another critical but underrepresented chapter of the diversity narrative which is bringing back to the workforce women talent who have employment gaps on their resumes. 

L’Oréal India which is a transformative beauty leader and a leading digital first company believes at the cutting edge of innovation. But at the same time, it truly goes by the words of their Founder, Eugène Schueller who says, “a company is not walls and machines, it’s people, people and people.” This is evident in how the company continuously invests efforts in sustaining a workplace that is diverse, supportive and welcoming; in joining their team of talented and inspiring people, they ensure that you can not only be yourself but also thrive and grow. From ensuring best of both worlds in an increasingly hybrid world of business to having a rising percentage of women in their IT teams to empowering women and men to stand up against street harassment, L’Oréal’s culture is as much about its people as it’s about being a leader in world beauty products and services. 

Expanding opportunities for women hires ready to re-enter the workforce: 

The impact of the pandemic has been quite uneven, with many women having to face the double burden of balancing their jobs and their household responsibilities. Which is why at present flexibility is a given rather than a luxury. There have been several instances where women have had to leave their jobs because of this lack of flexibility along with other reasons and when they did make the choice to return after a gap, it was a journey laden with a lot of hurdles. 

Although with a hybrid model in place, the flexible job opportunities for women have been on the rise. But increasing access to these opportunities does not mean equitable access, women with employment gaps could still be at a disadvantage and may need more support. This is where L’Oréal India comes in with its latest inclusive initiative which goes by the name ‘Take Two With L’Oréal.’ Having partnered with diversity driven employment platforms such as JobsForHer to expand their reach, they’re looking to hire women with 12 months of employment gap or more for full time as well as temporary roles.

Although these women who apply at L’Oréal India must have prior job experience that meet the requirements of the role in question, this initiative has been launched with the agenda of truly understanding the experience of women with employment gaps and how the company can empower them to unleash their potential. This is why following the hiring process, these women who are looking for the right opportunities without being penalized for the break will be offered a structured FIT approach inclusive of continuous mentoring opportunities and reskilling programs. It doesn’t simply stop at employing women who wish to kick start their second innings in the workforce , L’Oreal India is driven towards growth and empowerment in a diverse and inclusive work culture. 

Uplifting women and championing diversity is always the L’Oréal India way: 

TakeTwo With L’Oréal’ is only one of the latest initiatives championed by this people-centric, beauty-tech company. Through the years it has made its presence in the country, gender diversity has been always at the forefront of their employee policies. Some of their pioneering policies include providing 26 weeks of paid maternity leave to new mothers, LGTBQI+ individuals and adoptive parents along with a maternity bonus once employees return to work from their maternity leave. 

This policy when implemented with reduced work hours for mothers returning to the workplace reveals the incredible foresight and sensitivity this company has towards its employees. Post resumption of work, for a period of continuous four weeks, new mothers can avail reduced work hours with consent of their manager but the minimum should be five hours of work on a day-to-day basis. When traveling on business as part of their job roles, mothers taking care of a child less than a year old will be granted the eligibility to claim travel and accommodation of an accompanying adult who will take care of the child during the trip. For a period of two years from the date of joining back the company from their maternity leave, new mothers will be eligible for a child-care allowance. This is applicable for new joinees as well until their child completes two years of age; this child-care allowance will be part of the monthly salary. 

What sets L’Oréal India apart is its intention to achieve both with equal vigor and dedication. Through L’Oréal’s latest endeavor to make the process of talent hiring increasingly diverse and equitable, women finally have the opportunity to succeed in a workplace environment that enables them to leverage past work experience to find exciting opportunities for growth. If you or if you know someone who is ready to get back to work and deserves the chance to build an incredible career with extensive growth support in one of the leading beauty tech companies in the country and in the world, follow this link accepting applications on the official L’Oreal page

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