Article: Mompreneurs: The changing landscape for women returning to work


Mompreneurs: The changing landscape for women returning to work

What are the corporate organizations doing to help women joining the workforce back after a break? What venues do women have access to, in order to execute their ideas into action? Read on to find out.
Mompreneurs: The changing landscape for women returning to work

Last 10 years have seen some major and conscious initiatives by large corporates to bring the women on a career break back into the workplace. It is widely known that a major percentage of women take career breaks due to various reasons including marriage, kids, and old-age care. These re-hire initiatives come as a lease of fresh air for the simple reason that in a job market like that of India’s, women employees often lose their employability once they have been on a break for over a year. 

‘Out of sight; out of mind’ best describes the condition of a large section of women on a career break. Yet these initiatives come with their own caveats as they seemingly fail to do justice in terms of creating jobs that match the qualification and capabilities of a large chunk of applicant women. Also, the mismatch in the compensation offered vis-a-viz the expectations is a major hurdle. 

Demotivated by the quality of jobs on the offering, many women choose not to get back to work at all. As a result, companies are losing out on a large talent pool. The silver lining though is, that it is for this same reason that some of these women have taken the entrepreneurial way and have joined the bandwagon that is today popularly known as ‘Mompreneurs’.

Some of these Mompreneurs have identified some clear gaps in their areas of interest and have taken it upon themselves to fill those crevices, while there are others who have found they're calling beyond their qualification and past work experiences and mated their passions with commercial viability. 

Women joining Workforce after a Break

  • Corporate sector can use this talent pool to its advantage

  • Women can also begin a startup to execute their ideas into action

  • There are organizations to help them translate their startup ideas into fruitful businesses

  • The environment is becoming more and more conducive for women to begin startups

  • Work from home option help women who have to manage their households

This surge of ‘Mompreneurs’ is changing the landscape for women workers and may easily be deemed as the future trend that should be watched keenly. Here’s a peep into the how and why these ‘Mompreneurs’ should not be ignored:

Causing a ripple effect

Last 5 years have seen at least half a dozen Mompreneur initiatives focused on bringing women on a professional break back onto the corporate scene by providing them with a platform to showcase their potential and existing skills. These platforms have made all potential employers willing to take a leap of faith with these willing employees available in one place. These start-ups are focused on their vision to create opportunities for more women looking to move out of their homes and get re-hired. The result has been conscious re-hiring strategies by companies who have stepped forward to use these platforms as launch pads to bring about a sociological change that was a much-needed requirement for women on a break until a few years ago.

Rise of the age of micro-economy

Women across locations and socio-economic strata aspire to add value to their life. Some are looking to bring this value by adding some more zeroes to the family income, while the more accomplished ones are looking to add value to their personal self. 

The ongoing age of social networking and online merchandising has made it extremely easy to kick off small-scale businesses. A large number of these businesses remain a part of the unorganized sector, yet it has led to the emergence of a parallel economy in terms of income generation.

Innovation/Creativity/Social upliftment - All in one Box

Though the times look bright for women to get back to work in the organized sector, many women are taking up their passions very seriously to turn them into income-generating channels. This modus operandi has led to the emergence of social initiatives that focus on the concept of inclusive value addition. 

Several women are channelizing their energies to make it big with their creative passions in fields such as writing, handicraft, fashion and organic farming etc. by taking them to a level beyond a hobby and in the process generating both employment and income.

Increase in the overall wellness quotient for women

‘Work from Home’ opportunities are the biggest draw from this trend of women wanting to work while maintaining their households. Also, if you are keen to find yourself a job, or simply work on a business idea, there are communities that help you transform your ideas into actions, share your zeal with like-minded women and shed away your doubts while you take the plunge. The atmosphere is generally upbeat for women too as it is for anyone who would be enterprising enough to execute a startup idea!

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