Article: Podcast: Mobilising LGBT+ allyship at work

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Podcast: Mobilising LGBT+ allyship at work

An entrepreneur, an industry leader and 30min. Listen to this interesting action-packed conversation on thoughts and best practices between DEI trailblazers driven to mobilise allyship for LGBT+ community at the workplace.
Podcast: Mobilising LGBT+ allyship at work

Focused on demystifying, simplifying and accelerating the multi-faceted journey of LGBT+ inclusion at the workplace, People Matters and Pride Circle, among India’s leading Diversity and Inclusion consultancy firms, bring to you an exclusive six part podcast series. 

In part one of this six part podcast series, Surbhi Srivastava, DE&I Manager - APJ at ServiceNow and Srini Ramaswamy, Co-founder - Pride Circle & Pride Circle Foundation, talk to People Matters about the why and how of mobilising allyship at the workplace. 

According to industry reports, the global spending of LGBT+ consumers is estimated to be US$ 5 Tn a year, and 71% of LGBT+ people prefer to spend at a company which supports LGBT+ community. While the above points out why being LGBT+ friendly is crucial as a business, there are several fundamentals why organisations need to focus on being LGBT+ friendly and enable a supportive ecosystem as an employer as well. 

Nearly two-third of the population today is Gen-Y and Gen-Z, and 80% of them prefer to work for a company which is safe, welcoming & inclusive, research reveals. The losses that result from being homophobic aren’t just in terms of employer brand and revenue, but very much on producitivity. Lack of inclusion sure fuels disengagement for the workforce on the whole, but the impact is detrimental on the productivity of queer talent as well. On the other hand, being visibility ‘out at work’ leads LGBT+ employees to feel safer, more empowered, and more creative by at least 2x.

As organisations strive to take stock of where they are and how to enable sustainable and scalable LGBT+ inclusion, one essential element to focus on in this space is allyship. Mobilising allyship on an organisational level positions inclusion as everyone’s responsibility, thereby making inclusion an everyday reality over an occasional sensitisation conversation.

Helping organisations, leaders, professionals and aspirational allies zoom in on allyship, Srini and Surbhi brought to the fore the fundamentals, the approach and the impact of mobilising allyship. Here are some key highlights from the discussion:

  • Tackling diversity fatigue with visible change on the ground 
  • Gamifying allyship for a more engaging and scalable impact
  • Enabling a sense of safety for queer talent to be out and authentically themselves at work 
  • The key to cross-sectional allyship
  • Coming out as allies and building a safe support system for queer talent
  • The undeniable need for LGBT+ education

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