Article: Talent Beyond Borders


Talent Beyond Borders

International talent movements are becoming faster and easier enabling Indian organizations to build a global workforce
Talent Beyond Borders

Emerging Asia will be the biggest seeker of talent in the next 5-10 years accounting for 22.2 per cent of the overall global talent demand


For many global professionals, an “India-stint” or an “Africa-stint” have now become an essential component of their CV value

Travel is as old as man. Be it for basic necessities like food or water, or even bigger ones like earning a livelihood or plying one’s trade, travel has been the most common denominator. The lure of earning more money, having a better life and seeing new places prompted people to migrate and seek new opportunities far and wide, especially the developed world, which was witnessing a robust and growing economy. The post-industrial modern economic era saw developed nations like the US, the UK and Australia steadily becoming the hotbeds of skilled talent from across the globe. While these economies continue to enjoy the privilege of ‘hot talent destinations’ to date, there is a new world order emerging on the other side. And this world order does not feature the US, the UK and Canada in the Top 10! According to LinkedIn’s study of its global database, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia have become the highest importers of talent!! That’s...
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Topics: Diversity, Strategic HR, #ChangeManagement

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