Article: Top 12 trends: The millennial workforce - Dr. Asha Bhandarker


Top 12 trends: The millennial workforce - Dr. Asha Bhandarker

Dr. Asha Bhandarker, Professor, MDI

In the year 2012, we will witness more and more millennials joining the workforce. Our study has revealed that this generation comes to an organization with expectations of very different treatment altogether. They want a high degree of autonomy, opportunity to experiment and explore and they want their bosses to behave like coaches and mentors. This will be a paradigm shift in management of younger professionals (engineers and MBAs) joining the workforce and India Inc has to brace up for this.

In today’s era of talent scarcity, creating job opportunities for women will be another crucial requirement. This will be the time to get women back into the workforce. 2012 will be the year when women will be at the cusp of work and family roles and the need for highly qualified and talented women will be intensified.

Along with the need to fulfill the talent scarcity, it is imperative that businesses prepare their existing talent to operate in an environment that is bursting with uncertainty and ambiguity on a global scale. They will have to devise ways and means of providing opportunities to their young talent to explore, experiment, make mistakes, and grow faster on their learning.

This is like an early immunization dose as the earlier they get such exposure, the faster they learn and get prepared for various situations. This will benefit the organizations in developing talent as well as fulfilling their huge hunger to prove themselves which in turn will help them in retaining their existing talent for a longer time.

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