Article: The playing field isn’t level!


The playing field isn’t level!

Do women employees have to face an uneven playing field right from the entry level, up to the very top?
The playing field isn’t level!
The Feminist movement might as well be in its fourth wave, and getting endorsement from major opinion leaders and influencers all over the world, but it seems that the corporate sector has a lot of catching up to do. One estimate suggests that the current pace at which gender pay gap is being bridged, it will take another 111 years for women to be paid at par with men. However, some overwhelmingly positive steps have been taken in the recent past. From mandatory presence of a woman director on the boards of listed companies, to the overhaul of the maternity benefits introduced earlier this year, credible attempts have been made to remove any stereotypical gender-related discrimination. The decades-old dominance of men in the business world is being challenged as women are increasingly joining the workforce, and also becoming leaders and CEOs in numbers much greater than just a few years back. But, the real question is, how seamless is this integration? What sort of gender-defined barrie...
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Topics: Diversity, Culture, Leadership

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