Article: 5 steps to increasing productivity of employees

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5 steps to increasing productivity of employees

A satisfied employee will certainly be more productive and an asset to enhancing organization's culture and growth
5 steps to increasing productivity of employees

One employee functioning to full potential is equivalent to two with a below par productivity. Employee productivity is a crucial aspect to the success dynamics of a company, and it takes more than an employee’s own potential, to increase his/her productivity. Capability apart, a number of environmental factors play a role in determining, whether a company’s employees are at their productive best. Increasing employee productivity not only helps an organization deliver better on projects, it also helps cut costs and improve the company’s work culture. Increasing productivity has a lot to do with keeping the employees happy and satisfied. A satisfied employee will certainly be more productive and easy to retain. Here are the five best ways of working towards increasing employee productivity.

Appreciate and give due credit

Salary might be the most important determinant in incentivizing performance, but one cannot dismiss the importance of recognition and appreciation. Often, employees take a lot of flak for the tasks that go awry, but fail to get apt recognition for a good job done. A regular word of public appreciation, a pat on the back and a few kind words can do wonders to increase productivity. Moreover, the employee will return to work next day with a renewed vigour.

Lend an ear and keep them focused

You may be a strict no-nonsense boss, but listening to the problems of your subordinates once in a while not only gives them an outlet, but also an assurance that they are being taken care of. Professional differences with colleagues, petty office politics and unhealthy competition at workplace may sometimes be a drag on an employee’s performance. It may helpful, if as a senior, you are able to listen to their woes and do your bit to ease out the tension. It will help take away the undesired stress on the employees and help them focus only on the job.

Rewards & Recognition

It makes an employee happy if their loyalty and dedication is recognized and it makes them happier, if it is rewarded occasionally. Today, companies are moving beyond age-old HR practices and entering into the new domain of more organized Rewards & Recognition culture. The new age, creative solutions have made R & R policies more organized and institutionalized. If you recognize your employees’ contribution, offer them rewards that would enthrall them, rather than gifting a company based notebook and pen, or a bag or a shield. A creative, well planned sophisticated R & R program can ensure that the employees are offered a choice from a menu of rewards to attract and sustain interest.

Upgrade their skills

It also works well for the employees, if they are offered skill enhancement trainings and programs on the job. It may do well for your company, if you pick up a few employees every year and send them to a week’s training program that will help them upgrade their skills. This will not only increase the skill level of your company, but would also make the employees feel that the company cares for their growth. So, if you feel that a subordinate has the potential to be a good manager but lacks in communication skills, you may send him or her to a fortnight long program to improve on communication. He/she will return with improved skills, greater confidence and might also be a good future managerial prospect.

Offer them new challenges

An employee should never feel static in his or her job. There should always be scope for new challenges and excitement. On shore assignments, where employees are sent to the headquarter offices of a company for a few months job, or are sent abroad to handle a project or two, are part of such challenges that keep the employees’ interest in work going.

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