Article: 5 things organizations should keep in mind to stay connected with employees in the digital world

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5 things organizations should keep in mind to stay connected with employees in the digital world

The pandemic has forced organizations to pause, reflect and then act in a manner no one conceived. We are all going through changes – some big, some small and some gig!
5 things organizations should keep in mind to stay connected with employees in the digital world

With a new way of working, a complete shift in thinking and new technology to enable workplace assignment, the only common thing that the digital world has brought out is novelty.

It is now important to rethink the preconceived notions, re-imagine the nature of work and make a super-efficient workspace designed for the future. 

We are all trying to catch a running train while not spilling the glass of water in hand. It sure sounds like every day. 

Often in the execution of everyday work, we forget how long we have already travelled. It is now time to reflect on some of the things organizations should keep in mind:

  • Allow Pause to rest: Putting this as priority, organizations should ensure that their employees are not burning out. Digital implies 24*7, no cut off time and being available, always. This can get demanding and daunting at the same time. It is important to acknowledge and give employees the freedom to pause before they feel burned out. Creating a culture of transparency on discussing burn out and not holding it against the employees is much needed. Also, encouraging employees to take time off or just take leaves as they would have in the physical world, is required. Stay healthy to stay ahead should be everyone’s motto! 
  • Enabling Employee: One realisation that digital has brought in is the fact that not all homes are designed for work. Space and sometimes privacy is in short supply. Leading with empathy is key. Helping employees to balance work and home priorities is important to build a thriving workforce. Employee engagement, well-being and care will differentiate employers in the space. Create opportunities to engage within the organization. That can be achieved by leveraging leadership connections and conversations, that is, be there, always! 
  • Communicating with purpose; Communicate with intent: Communicating organization intent, purpose, re-alignment strategies and focus areas on an ongoing basis helps give the much-desired direction to the employees and alignment to the larger purpose. Town Halls, focus-groups and conversations help employees to connect with the larger purpose and stay focused on priorities. 
  • Managers as coaches: Managers are the glue to the employee success model. They need to spend a disproportionate amount of time connecting with the employees. They are the real change agents in keeping the connection on-going. Integrating appreciation, rewards and recognising good work goes a long way! 
  • Technology as an enabler: Integrating newer work modes, adapting technology and integrating analytics to make better decisions is the new normal. Transitioning the physical processes into technology enabled design structures is the key for success in the new world. Moving the needle by incorporating new approaches, technologies, and data-driven solutions is essential. Innovate and re-align processes for re-imagining businesses.

This is a transitory phase for everyone. Both employers and employees are coping with a new way of life. This is the time to be open to new ideas, new ways of working and most importantly new ways of living. The guiding light for all of us is to be open to experiments, to be flexible in thoughts and in action. Being fungible and future ready as an organization is important. Hence, ensuring that the employees reflect this in thought and in spirit is key to a better future. Re-skilling, up-skilling, and future skilling will be important to keep us all moving! 

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