Article: Building a world class employee experience

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Building a world class employee experience

How technology can help in realizing world class employee experience
Building a world class employee experience

A world class customer experience starts with designing world class employee experience; as one leads to another. Employee experience is the most significant and core part of human resource operations. One can say that it is directly proportional to company’s growth because as employee grows, the company and vice-versa. It is a mutually beneficial process that ensures long-term relationship between the two entities. 

Another viewpoint in this digital age is - how can technology help in realizing a world class employee experience. “Digital technology can help in connecting people and creating a good employee experience for the company. But, how we do it, is a challenge,” says Sukhjit S Pasricha , Vice President , Human Resources, Indigo. Such aspects were discussed at the group discussion on ‘world class employee experience’ at TechHr 2016 pre-conference. 

Further, it is important to figure out to simplify technology, so that it connects with the employees and provides them with a good experience. “Simplifying processes for employees is important so that we achieve the desired goal”, avers Yuvraj Baghwala, Vice-President – Human Resource, Genpact. He further explained this by sharing the employee’s experience, particularly of the first day of the joining process. He says, “We got feedback that  from employees that first day registration process took them 6-7 hours to fulfill all requisite formalities. We valued their opinion and worked on that to change this scenario. To sum it up, user should be kept at the centre while designing the process for employees.”

Also, defining experience stands as the most difficult part and equally challenging. “The biggest dilemma today is – how do we create wonderful experience for employees without breaching company’s policies. As experience is very individual and personal, it is difficult to satisfy them all. Doing mass customization is an imaginery task,” Akhilesh Tuteja, Partner, advisory services, KPMG.

Also, there is great digital divide today making it difficult to provide good employee experience to everyone equally. “Companies todays are divided into two parts – millennial group and non-millennial. Internal policies should be made in such manner that gratify all equally,” says Rajesh Lele, Head – E-HR Project, TATA Motors Limited.

Summing it up, world class employee experience is achievable and it is nothing but creating shared experiences and having fun together as a team.

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