Article: Move with changing aspirations of your workforce

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Move with changing aspirations of your workforce

Dilip Kumar Srivastava, corporate VP & Global HR Head, HCL Technologies

Growth prospects within an organization would be a factor that many people consider while looking at a prospective employer


How will you define the relationship between attracting & retaining the best talent and the organization’s business performance?

At HCL, we are driven by a philosophy we refer to as Employees First. This philosophy recognizes employees as strategic elements of an organization. It democratizes the company’s functions and its way of working. Employees First, as the name suggests, puts employees at the forefront, and gives them the necessary power and space to execute their ideas.

During the difficult times, this philosophy has helped us create a work environment that provided ample opportunities to employees for personal development and career growth, thus motivating them to perform in such a way that transformed the environment within the organization.

What can make or break employer branding? How has this changed over time?

Financial aspects are important but often people look beyond that. Growth prospects within an organization would be a factor that many people consider while looking at a prospective employer. In addition, many employees today look for a work environment that is empowering, challenging, dynamic, invigorating, and conducive to new ideas and innovation.

If Employees First is to bring about a sustainable transformation, then it is imperative to move with the changing aspirations of the workforce. A large number of employees belong to Gen Y who seek collaboration, individuality and flexibility at their workplace. It is therefore only right that an organization which is being driven by these highly charged and passionate individuals, empowers them and shifts the control in their hands.

What is the role of CEO, Senior Management, and HR team in the process of attracting and retaining talent?

At HCL, the focus on employees comes from the top and is found to percolate down to all levels of the organization. The Employees First philosophy is not just stated, but is driven by the CEO and senior management, with various aspects featuring on their scorecards and it is the cornerstone for HR policies and activities.

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