Article: Customers & candidates - Two sides of the same coin

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Customers & candidates - Two sides of the same coin

Gerry Crispin, Principal & Co-Founder of CareerXroads and a global talent acquisition guru, juxtaposes customers to candidates, explains what drives candidate experience, and shares some best practices in candidate experience
Customers & candidates - Two sides of the same coin
Gerry Crispin is the Principal & Co-Founder of CareerXroads, a member-driven peer-to-peer platform for TA Leaders that focuses on what keeps them up at night and what they are doing about it now. A world-renowned talent acquisition guru, Gerry is also the founder of TalentBoard, a non-profit and also conducts CareerXRoads’ annual studies on Source of Hire, Candidate Experience and Evolving Referral Practices which act as global benchmarks in the talent acquisition and HR community. You co-founded CareerXRoads in 1996. What was the purpose of starting the organization?   CareerXroads was a commercial company – a consultancy that was devoted to understanding the impact of emerging technologies on recruiting. We wrote 8 books from 1996-2003 detailing the pros and cons of the technology tools, resources and strategies employers were using to acquire, screen, select and onboard Talent. We also consulted with numerous firms and eventually built a peer-to-peer communit...
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