Article: Delivering Business Value Through L&D

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Delivering Business Value Through L&D

What, specifically, are L&D professionals doing differently in the organizations that demonstrate readiness to deal with performance gap?
Delivering Business Value Through L&D
Learning and development (L&D) professionals will face unique challenges and exciting opportunities over the next few years as changing market forces, demographic shifts in the workforce, and rapidly evolving technologies will combine to assert a new set of demands for developing people. New technologies and new platforms for delivery of learning will continue to be developed and deployed. The expectations of employees for ongoing professional development and steeper, less rigid career trajectories translates into a demand for more frequent, more challenging, and more immediately applicable training that supports rapidly branching career paths. The recent report published by Deloitte University, “Global Human Capital Trends 2015,” highlights, among several issues, a pronounced performance gap that separates what executives and organizations need from learning and development organizations, and their readiness to meet those needs. Only a relatively small percentage of...
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