Article: Digital gift cards: The perfect solution for your festive gifting needs

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Digital gift cards: The perfect solution for your festive gifting needs

Here is why digital cards is the emerging trends in the employee gifting landscape
Digital gift cards: The perfect solution for your festive gifting needs

The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.  - Charles Dudley Warner

The festival of lights is almost here. A time of great rejoicing and celebrations, Diwali is a time to spark joy in lives – not just our own, but also of those who matter to us. Hence, choosing and giving gifts that bring maximum joy to the recipient is an integral part of Diwali celebrations. 

While it’s easy to choose gifts for our friends and family, choosing gifts for employees can be challenging. ith the workplace demographics being as diverse as it is, no single item satisfies everyone. With a broad mix of ages, personalities and personal preferences, the ‘safe’ conventional wrapped box of sweets or dry fruits no longer passes muster and is increasingly becoming an unwelcome gift for employees. Added to this is the fact that many businesses are spread across multiple locations, making logistics and delivery of these gifts poses another huge challenge.

In such a scenario, a digital gift offers a win-win situation for both the gift-giver and the receiver. With access to smartphones and the presence of the many digital payment platforms, e-gifting solutions have grown into a preferred option for employers and employees alike. Not only does this take away the complexities of catering to the different mind-sets and profiles of people but it also solves many of the practical aspects of pilferage, last-minute delivery hassles as well as eases budgetary tracking and spends. 

For the busy executive, a digital gift card gives him or her the all-important freedom of choice and convenience, enhancing the employee satisfaction quotient.  With huge discounts on offer during the festive season, a festival gift card offers ample opportunities to avail of the best deals on preferred brands and goods.

Gifting the Freedom of Choice

As a 100 percent digital employee benefit company, Sodexo’s gifting proposition revolves around the significant USP’s of simplicity, flexibility, and personalization—crucial aspects for corporate gifting during the hectic festive season.

The Sodexo Premium Pass offers undeniable flexibility through two digital solutions, namely the Premium Pass-Celebrations which is a physical card ideal for channel partner gifting and usable across a choice of brands and categories. This card allows for the required customization of including the business name and employee name as well as any further personalization such as a special note of appreciation on the envelope.

The other option is the Premium Pass-Virtual, as the name suggests this virtually links to the mobile app and features an assistive touch for android apps to facilitate easy and quick check-out lines. Needless to say, this option provides simplicity and a convenient way to shop digitally without the hassle of constantly carrying plastic cards.

Designed as a seamless gifting experience that saves time and effort, Sodexo digital gifting solutions support corporates in improving employee experience and satisfaction. The fact that these cards allow flexibility in terms of use in over 36 lakh retail outlets and 90,000+ online portals on the Rupay network, apart from enabling fuel and utility bill payments is a sure-fire way to drive employee delight. Sodexo has also curated a multitude of exclusive festive deals and discounts for the card-users. Tax-savings on Rs.5000 per year is an added benefit.

Gifting maybe an art requiring careful thought and understanding; but what better gift than to offer the freedom of choice. With digital gifting solutions, employers now have a chance to make the upcoming festive season a truly enjoyable and hassle-free experience providing for joyous celebration all around.

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