Article: Digital Onboarding - key to retaining new employees

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Digital Onboarding - key to retaining new employees

The process of digital onboarding as the name suggests is completely technology driven. Earlier, employee onboarding was carried out physically where new hires had to spend long hours to complete the formalities including multiple training sessions.
Digital Onboarding - key to retaining new employees

Traditional employee onboarding has been a challenge since last year when the pandemic changed the way businesses were being conducted across the world.  Organizations resorted to work from home and HR departments faced problems in conducting employee onboardings due to COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns. Since it became difficult for candidates to be physically present in office, firms have shifted to digital employee onboarding as the new norm.

Many companies across verticals have resorted to digital onboarding over the past one year and the percentage is only growing due to the ease and simplicity of the process. Digital onboarding is efficient as it doesn’t involve paperwork, travel time and eliminates the need of physical presence of the new hire.

Now digital onboarding provides a scalable and flexible process to improve an organization’s operational efficiencies to onboard candidates. It is a one stop solution for onboarding and background verification for the candidate recruitment process. A joining kit is generated with the help of intuitive forms which is customizable as per company’s need. Additionally, digital signatures easily capture a candidate’s signature on the joining kit to complete HR formalities remotely.

Advantages of digital onboarding:

  • Saving time for everyone: Digital employee onboarding is less time consuming than traditional onboarding
  • More one-on-one: Digital employee onboarding is more personalized; each recruit is handled on a one-on-one basis unlike traditional onboarding
  • Information is easily accessible: Employee dockets and manuals on company policies etc. are all made available online and hence are easy to access 24x7
  • Paperless: With digital onboarding companies are relieved from the overloaded paperwork and records are much organized digitally 

According to a survey by a research company, an efficient digital onboarding process can improve employee retention by 82% and productivity by 70%. For any organization, possessing the right tools for a smooth onboarding is a necessity in these challenging times.

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