Article: Effective employee engagement strategies in the New Year

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Effective employee engagement strategies in the New Year

End -of -the -year is the right time to reflect upon current employee engagement activities. Be innovative and strategize some meaningful ideas that can truly boost employee engagement in the New Year.
Effective employee engagement strategies in the New Year

If you have already addressed basic employee engagement needs this year, then resolute to value-add new engagement tools that will help to increase company’s top-line performance and bottom-line growth.

This is the right time to think upon following questions, before one set forth to strategize:

  1. Does your company have clear vision, goals and values?
  2. Does your company stand by its values?
  3. Are these values actively promoted in the organization?
  4. Is your organization successful in aligning its employees to company’s values, mission, and processes?

Let’s look at some of the prolific activities for employee engagement in the New Year:

Gamify to engage employees: In 2017, use gamification techniques to boost employees engagement in the company. Games provide instant feedback and compelling goals to employees. They feel motivated to achieve their goals and remain engaged in the best way possible. 

Ditch cubicles: Retaining millennials is a difficult task as their turnover rate is pretty high. Reeling them in by changing office space is one approach that companies can adopt. Millennials today prefer varied office spaces, where they can interact openly and arrive at collaborative solutions by talking to their colleagues and peers. Ditching cubicles leads to better collaboration in the office. It’s no wonder that cubicles are quickly dying out as most engaged companies find suitable to opt for cool office supplies and comfortable office decor. So, cubicles are rapidly being replaced by spacious, open desks. Therefore, explore the possibility of creating an open air office environment; be creative, and have fun by giving your office a new look. 

Encourage volunteering: Organizations need to realize that employees today are not just looking for jobs; they are looking for meaning and purpose in their jobs. In order to ratchet the employee engagement experience, companies need to connect their employees with the causes they care about. Therefore, adding volunteering as an integral part of employee engagement strategy truly works. 

Employees learning club:  One way of getting employees more engaged is by asking them to start their very own learning club. Employees may select books or videos related to their work and discuss with their teams, colleagues and peers.  

Knowledge sharing: Loss of essential information takes place, when an employee exits the company. Creating a knowledge sharing system will definitely help in tackling such loss. Companies can implement a mentorship program, pairing experienced employees with newly hired ones.  Creating a learning program can help greatly in keeping employees engaged. 

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