Article: Employee profiles - Can businesses of all sizes benefit from it?

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Employee profiles - Can businesses of all sizes benefit from it?

Employee profiles tell the story of each and every member of an organization
Employee profiles - Can businesses of all sizes benefit from it?

We are living in a connected world and for everything that we want we almost have answers immediately through the internet. If internet can do so much for users, the same kind of benefits are not seen in businesses. It is because businesses operate remotely and very often in silos thereby leading to reinventing wheels. In fact, an MIT study results suggests “the farther apart we are at the lower probability of communication”. It even pinpoints saying that if people are seated >200 feet apart, they don’t talk. To me, it is a lot of wastage in human productivity.

It is in addressing these challenges Enterprise Social Collaboration is here to stay Today the organizations which are remotely dispersed do not know “who is who in the zoo?!” or “I know the type of person I need to help me, but...?”. If organizations can take effort to create Employee Profiles as a first step, they can overcome such challenges.

What is an employee profile? Employee profiles tell the story of each and every member of an organization. And the larger the company, the more important it is that information about an employee’s skills is easily available.

3 big benefits of employee profiles

Understanding why employee profiles are important is the first step towards getting most out of them. Here are a few things to keep in mind about how your business can gain traction by embracing employee profiles that can lead to measurable results.

Bring your remote employees together: In a fairly dispersed organization geographically, people do not really know who is on the other side. Also when they work remotely and communicate via emails or telephone, it really does not give a true representation of their personality. It is important for you to create a platform that can populate profile information of employees automatically and also allow employees to add some personal side of interests as well. This way a person who interacts remotely is able to map a face to the person on the other side. He or she understands the person on the other side

Encourage employees to network: When we look at the services like Facebook or Linked In, it will be quite clear how effective people profiles can be when it comes to like-minded people who want to network with each other. In every organization, employees depend on each other to succeed. When a platform is given where employees are allowed to network with each other, they can build a buddy community for themselves thereby helping their cause in meeting organizational objectives.

Helping to spot talent: Very often employees in organizations have said “I know the kind ofperson I need to help me, but...?”. It is not always easy to know the skill sets of employees in your organization. As organizations grow, it is difficult to know people at personal level. It is important for you to provide a tool that can automatically build professional skills and background, they serve as excellent tools for those who are asking questions like above. 

It helps the business to find the right person at the right time thereby making the life of managers and CEO’s much easy. In the end, what would have taken otherwise weeks to compile, can be completed in mere months, so long as every employee profile is rightly filled out.


As we have seen above, by employing a very simple but effective solution through a social people management tool, the organization can reap multiple benefits. This will be the first step of building an engaged workforce organization. In my subsequent blogs, let us see various other solutions that Enterprise Social Collaboration can give and its benefits to employees and organizations.

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