Article: Employee Volunteering Landscape: A Research

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Employee Volunteering Landscape: A Research

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Download your free copy of the white paper, ‘Volunteering in India: Survey & Trends Analysis - VISTA 2018’ here.
Employee Volunteering Landscape: A Research

Time-crunched employees are increasingly looking out for purpose-driven work and making an impact to the business, people, and society.

Time and again, it has been proved that volunteering is good for an individual's larger purpose in doing something for the society, and it provides many benefits to both mental and physical health. Now, it turns out that it is also useful for an employee’s level of engagement with the organization and his/her career path. It creates a win-win situation for People, Planet, and Businesses.

To study the current landscape of Employee Volunteering in India, People Matters in partnership with Goodera has launched a survey - Volunteering in India: Survey & Trends Analysis - VISTA 2018.

Through this white paper you will get access to:

• The current trends in employee volunteering

• Insights to boost engagement through employee volunteering

• A roadmap to implement and sustain your volunteering program

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