Article: 'Employee’s consciousness is organisation's future and growth'

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'Employee’s consciousness is organisation's future and growth'

Experiential techniques can act as a boon for organizations who want to achieve growth , innovation and oneness. Read the interview for more insights.
'Employee’s consciousness is organisation's future and growth'

 People Matters in conversation with Prashant Chawla, founder, and brain behind Actcelerate, a unique concept that injects creativity, innovation and joy at work. He talks about TIMC formula, used in corporate trainings to make work for employees more innovative and uses various other employee engaging techniques that help organizations achieve growth, innovation, and oneness. Understanding the corporate stress levels, Prashant and his team from Actcelerate conduct various training programs across the country for corporates helping them make their workforce more productive. 

Q1. Balanced EQ is essential for employee well-being. How do you think mental and emotional well-being of employees can be ensured? 

EQ is the essence of growth and innovation for every person. If we are balanced and sorted emotionally & mentally, we are able to work more productively and in a more engaging manner. Theatre, Meditation, and other techniques is scientifically known to bring in great awareness emotionally and mentally; brings in trust and self-confidence; also brings in unity and togetherness among team members. Moreover, it enhances creativity and spontaneity and sparks innovative mindset in individuals. Various Improvisation techniques unearth talent and capabilities in employees. These activities help them to bring in what we call as ‘Public Solitude’ and aid them to go beyond their stage fear and perform with utmost confidence and poise. This new found talent and confidence helps them to connect with themselves and with the team.  All these lead to good substantive contribution from employee side. 

Q2. How experiential techniques help in enhancing leadership roles and bringing about the spirit of Innovation?  

By means of expressive techniques and other tools, these workshops target exactly those parts of a leader’s construct where loosening up is needed. When it comes to leadership roles, we talk about CXOs, CEO, CMOs, CHROs, CFOs - they are all pillars and vision of the organization. If an organization has the force of 10,000 staff and has 50 leaders or 100 leaders, it is important to understand that consciousness of these 100 leaders is going to guide consciousness of 10,000 people who are working with them. Our workshop called as ‘billion dollar arms’ – trains leaders to have the conscious worth billion dollar.  One needs to remove fear, doubts and bring in harmony in themselves and place they work. Too serious attitude just goes for a toss, at times. To innovate or re-discover something, we need to empty our ‘already filled cups’ and fill them with innovation, spontaneity, new ideas, vision & direction for the Organization. 

Q3. What tools and techniques can be used for team building and employee engagement? 

Four key expressions can help greatly to build bond within the teams. They are called as TIMC (Theatre, Improvisation, Meditation, and Cinema). The TIMC approach helps organizations and individuals to achieve growth, innovation, and oneness. The module of each of the session differs as per needs of varied companies and their departments.  For example, we might design our sessions focusing on aspects like effective marketing strategies to women empowerment, team harmony to synergy within top management and exploring personality and other varied subjects to create a comprehensive beneficial workshop for the company. Preferred choices of modules are centered on leadership roles, middle and senior level management. These experiential trainings have the balanced mix of joy, interaction, and togetherness that helps individuals identify their and the teams’ skills and strength. Team building sessions are surest way of connecting people in the office. Theatrical sessions help us to connect with our inner self and emotions.  It helps to bring about focus and increases efficiency within the teams.  Improvisation adds on spontaneity factor, togetherness and lot of team work. Cinematic characters help us to bring in

Theatrical sessions help us to connect with our inner self and emotions.  It helps to bring about focus and increases efficiency within the teams.  Improvisation adds on spontaneity factor, togetherness and lot of team work. Cinematic characters help us to bring in fun, entertainment, and lot of laughter. Meditation helps us to declutter ourselves emotionally and mentally. With all these combined, workshop goes beyond just building a team! In the end of these impactful sessions, employees feel energized, rejuvenated, and feel motivated towards their work. 

Q4. How channelizing employee’s thought is directly linked to company’s growth?

If an organization wants to prosper, it does not have any option but to start shifting employee’s thought-action process and bring in harmony and innovation there.  Employee’s consciousness is organization’s future! There is no doubt about that. It is directly linked to the growth and future of the Organization. When employees go back to work after these training sessions, they are more happy, joyful, creative, innovative and have a sense of clarity and direction, then Company’s growth is inevitable. 

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