Article: HR Big Rocks for 2016: HR leaders planning the year ahead

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HR Big Rocks for 2016: HR leaders planning the year ahead

Take look at how HR professionals are planning to step up their game to achieve their goals in the upcoming year.
HR Big Rocks for 2016: HR leaders planning the year ahead

As people around the world geared up for the countdown to 2016, we decided that it is a good time to get a sneak peek into the 2016 new year resolutions of HR and other management professionals. 

Our Twitter campaign ‘HR Big Rocks for 2016’ garnered responses from a large number of enthusiastic industry leaders and HR influencers who shared their goals for the upcoming year. A vast majority of the participants have made a resolve to optimally leverage social media and HR analytics for organizational success. Practicing employee engagement in a more meaningful way was among the other popular agendas tweeted by the participants.

Participants included notable industry leaders like Abhijeet Bhaduri, Anand Pillai and Harlina Sodhi expressed how they are aiming to make their organization succeed in the coming year and the practices they are going to undertake to fulfill their goals. 

Following are the best and popular responses received for #HRNY16:

  1. Abhijit Bhaduri: Wipro Group's Chief Learning Officer sure knows how to get his ducks in a row. He has decided to weave storytelling with employee engagement.Abhijit Bhaduri's New Year Resolution 2016
  2. Anand Pillai: Mananging Director, Leadership Matters wishes to see his organization flourishing with talent.
  3. Kena Shree: The HR professional at NTPC Ltd. wants to be able to effectively measure the success and failure of the HR programs undertaken by her.
    Kena Shree's New Year resolution 2016
  4. Sarang Brahme: Capgemini’s Global Lead - Social Recruiting has his mind set on making recruiters realize the importance of social talent branding.
    Sarang Brahme's New Year Resolution
  5. Naveen Naraynan: Global Operations Director – Arrows Group Global Naveen Naraynan, wants to lead his organization’s workforce into realizing the impact individual performance has on HR strategies.
    Naveen Narayan's new year resolution 2016
  6. Harlina Sodhi: The Senior Executive Vice President of IDFC Bank aims at making her organization a digital-centric place to keep pace with the changing times.
    Harlina Sodhi's new year resolution
  7. Kanisha Raina: Talent Partner with IBM, Kanisha has taken up the challenge of improving IBM’s organizational agility to increase adaptability and  innovation.
    Kanisha Raina's new year resolution 2016
  8. Gautam Ghosh: Famous HR and leadership blogger, Gautam, wants to do his bit in increasing the awareness about the role of digital medium in employer branding.
    Gautam Ghosh's New Year Resolution
  9. Anuranjita Kumar: Citibank Group’s CHRO, Anuranjita too wants to leverage social and digital to achieve HR objectives.
    Anuranjita's New Year Resolution 2016
  10. Gurpreet Bajaj: Gurpreet Bajaj, Human Resource Manager with the American University of the Middle East, has decided to learn new things related to HR and management the old-school way.
    Gautam Ghosh's new year resolution

It is great to see that Human Resource leaders are proactively looking at upgrading their skills and methods to not only according to the changing times but also to refine their existing ways to give optimum results. To read the other interesting feeds on #HRNY16 click here.


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