Article: Top 12 trends: Integration and Differentiation - Rohit Hasteer

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Top 12 trends: Integration and Differentiation - Rohit Hasteer

Rohit Hasteer, VP - HR, MakeMyTrip

Organizations in the future will focus on integrating systems to achieve maximum efficiency and hence achieve results. Integrating systems would also allow consistency in actions of organizations for both the customer and employee. It would also allow employees to better understand the value proposition that the company has for them. The focus on integration and differentiation will strengthen. Organizations will align rewards and talent management programs with each other within the larger framework of the business’s strategy and objectives. In terms of differentiation, companies will deliver a different employee experience to employee segments in order to meet their needs cost effectively.

There will be a conscious effort by organizations to drive diversity in workforce and hire specialists. The focus has shifted from generalists to specialists and hence differentiation would be a key focus in the future. Businesses would hunt for people with niche skills and those who do this best will be rewarded with appropriate results.

Technology is increasingly getting introduced into people development. Online employee portals have become common place in organizations to offer easy access to employees to various benefits and schemes. In addition, employees can also manage their careers through these portals and it also helps organizations understand their employees better. There will be further increase of social media in HR.

Maximum knowledge sharing and learning from each other is what the focus will be on in the future. With globalization the organizations today want to create a learning environment. These consortiums will further drive innovation across industries.

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