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Stories that reflect organizational culture building

David Sturt, the Executive Vice President of OC Tanner shared the concept of six talent magnets in building great culture.
Stories that reflect organizational culture building

Taking the conversation to Delhi, David Sturt, the Executive Vice President of OC Tanner, talked about the six aspects of culture which are necessary for creating a great culture. The six aspects are purpose, opportunity, success, appreciation, wellbeing, and leadership. He calls them the six talent magnets which are necessary for creating ‘good culture’ in the organization. Here is the brief for anybody who missed on the previous article:

  • Purpose: It is about connecting your employees to the reason for the existence of your organization.

  • Opportunity: Providing employees with the opportunity to develop, learn new skills, develop and contribute.

  • Success: Being on the winning team is important for the employees.

  • Appreciation: The recognition and acknowledgment of employees’ outstanding work and unique contributions.

  • Wellbeing: Paying attention to and constantly working to improve employee’s physical, social, emotional, and financial health.

  • Leadership: Employees need to be connected to the purpose of the organization, aligned with the vision and mission of the organization, and creating a sense of camaraderie.

Here are some of the stories which were shared by the audience during the roundtable discussion, which reflect the intentional effort in creating an engaging culture within the organization.

Frequent and transparent communication

Joyeeta Chatterjee, who is the Vice President of HR at Punj Lloyd, shared the story where transparent and frequent communication with the R&D professionals helped in bringing down the attrition rates within the R&D department during the Ranbaxy and Sun Pharma merger. The communication message throughout the smaller and bigger gatherings revolved around how critical was the R&D department in the organization. Through their efforts, she said that they were able to bring down the attrition percentage which had risen to 17% back to 12-13%, and which was closer to the original 11%. Through their efforts it was shown that the organization cared for the wellbeing of the organization.

Going digital and creating organizational communities

Pankaj Suri, the Director HR - India at Edelman, shared the story where his organization utilized Workplace by Facebook platform for creating an online networking community. He shared that platform allowed them to create work communities, and who could connect with one another virtually. Also, they were able to leverage the platform to provide clarity about job role and creating visibility for opportunities within the organization, especially for the millennials.

Organizations empathetic towards women reflect sense of wellbeing

Another story which was shared by Pankaj Suri was about how they had brought in changes to fix the talent leakages when it came to women dropping out after their maternity break, and not returning back to work. They did so by creating a flexi-time policy across the world and revising their contract on the basis of their availability during maternity period. During that time, they also adopted the policy of hiring interns to assist the women who had revised their contracts, and the interns were later successfully absorbed into the workforce.

Leaders need to connect with millenials

A story about ICICI stood out which was about connecting with the leader and the thought process of the senior leadership. To help them, they created #ConnectingWithLeaders and #LeadTheNew campaign which connected the young millennial generation with the vision of the organization. The campaign involved the use of digital tech to enable two-way communication between the senior leadership and the employees of the organization.

If you think that your organization has exhibited examples of intentional efforts in building a great culture, then please share those in the comment section below.

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