Article: Talent Agenda: Engineers India to create a motivating environment

Talent Acquisition

Talent Agenda: Engineers India to create a motivating environment

Retaining and maintaining the best talent is a challenge that needs to be addressed through creating a motivating environment, says Veena Swarup, Director (HR), EIL
Talent Agenda: Engineers India to create a motivating environment

We have started studying the talent requirements overseas, because our business is expanding overseas


Talent is our main asset and we have to leverage it. Acquiring, retaining & maintaining critical talent is the biggest challenge for 2016. We are able to attract the best talent from leading institutes across the length & breadth of India and we nurture it by providing the best training opportunities, blending the right proportion of classroom with on-the-job and experiential learning. This enables a smooth transition from campus to corporate. Training is the most critical function in a knowledge based company like ours. The training interventions focus both on domain as well as behavioral competencies through a well-defined ‘Annual Training Calendar’ which is arrived at by incorporating inputs from key stakeholders.

We have put together special measures for attracting and retaining talent in 2016. These measures, in addition to focusing on attracting and retaining talent also focus on having the right mix/the right human resource model to meet the demands of the business. The right mix not only ensures the availability of adequate numbers but also the kind of sourcing model that is to be used taking into account the market dimensions, thereby enabling decisions regarding outsourcing or term-based hiring. 

However, there are challenges even when talent is available. For a company like ours, which is competing with the private sector, it’s all about competitive bidding, and we have to keep the overheads and the cost of manpower in mind. We are also trying to see what kind of model we need to build to cater to such a set-up. Therefore, Human Resource planning also forms a part of our core agenda.

We also believe that creating an environment that motivates and engages employees is vital. If the people are engaged, enthused and empowered at the workplace, they become partners in propelling the organisation towards its growth path. We have a business strategy for 2020 and we have formulated the HR strategy aligned with the business strategy. To take the HR strategy forward and set the ball rolling, a number of initiatives have also been carved out from the HR strategy which have clearly defined time schedules. We have already started studying the requirements for overseas deployment in tandem with our aspirations to have a global footprint. A team has been put in place which is assimilating the requirements, constraints and cultural sensitivity for doing business in identified countries. 

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