Article: The hoax of employee engagement

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The hoax of employee engagement

Considerable research has supported the link between employee engagement and factors critical to an organizations success. But do engagement instruments really tell the truth?
The hoax of employee engagement
Over the past 20 years, considerable research has supported the link between “employee engagement” and factors critical to an organization’s success, e.g., productivity, profitability, efficiency, quality, tenure, customer service, and employee well-being. Unfortunately, a vast majority of this research lacks basic scientific rigor and its value is highly suspected. The most fundamental issue centers on the construction of a valid self-assessment engagement instrument. In fact, I contend that the creation of such an instrument is likely impossible and the sale of current ones verges on fraud. Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, it is questionable that such a tool would be of significant value. The numerous issues related to employee engagement research are discussed herewith. Most employee engagement surveys ask some version of the following: "To what extent are you willing to go above and beyond your job requirements?" The problem is that nearly all employees ...

Topics: Employee Engagement, Strategic HR, Leadership

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